Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

Reasons To Get Up In The Morning

Getting up in the morning isn’t always an easy task (trust me, I know) but at some point, past 7am you have to come to the realisation, it’s time to get up. “What for?” you may be thinking (especially if you’re in a groggy, grumpy mood).


  • Taking a sip of your first cup of coffee of the day.
  • Getting that energised feeling after a 30 minute run on the treadmill.
  • Feeling the breeze on your skin after a warm post-workout shower.
  • The sun shining, the rainfall, the cloud cover – nature is wonderful, enjoy the change of weather.
  • Grabbing a croissant and a cappuccino and reading your newest book on the bus.
  • Watching people on your morning commute, wondering what they do, where they are going and what they’re thinking.
  • Listening to that album you’ve been hearing all about.
  • Catching up with what friends have been up to on social media.
  • Planning your day and feeling super prepared for what challenges you may face.
  • Another cup of coffee as you settle to your desk.
  • Crossing off those items on your to-do list.
  • Having a sneaky biscuit after your lunchtime salad (every once in a while is okay).
  • Realising that it’s already 4pm and nearly time to go home.
  • Stepping foot into your front door welcomed by the cat.
  • Having a nice hot bubble bath whilst listening to your favourite radio station.
  • Getting into your PJs and slippers then settling down in front of the television with a tasty dinner.
  • Snuggling into bed with a cup of tea reading more of that amazing book.

Life is a gift, enjoy it. What do you enjoy getting up for in the morning? 

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