Publishing Your First Book – Q&A

You may have spotted in the sidebar, that Amy’s published a book with a selection of short stories and poems. So today I decided to ask Amy some questions about how it all came about and any advice she would have to offer!

First of all, what is your book about?

Well, ‘Unique: Collection’ is a collection of short stories and poems exploring many areas of humanity. This can be poverty and homelessness or the justice system. It may even be alienation of mental illness or a ruthless king. I tried to write a little of something for everyone (except children; it has dark topics).

What will readers get from the book?

First and foremost, I hope they will be entertained. I want them to be able to go on a journey through only a few pages and come out of it thinking. Each piece has a underlying topic or moral and is completely open to dissection.

What started the process of Unique:Collection? How did it go from ideas to a complete book?

University, mostly. Our tutors would constantly remind us that we were allowed to publish our writing. They even urged us to. Then I was reminded of Lulu by a friend. I’d always wanted to publish something, so I did!

How long did it take you to get all of the short stories and poems together?

These were all written and compiled in the space of two years. My writing became more polished throughout the project and it was quite an exciting task.

Do you have a writing routine that may help others looking to write their own publication?

Inspiration comes and goes when it pleases, but to actually get anywhere in a project you must dedicate at least two hours a week to writing or researching something. As long as you have a plan and/or a first draft, you have the novel in your reach.

How did you get Unique published?

I used Lulu a completely free and online self-publishing website that can distribute your work through multiple means and to many places. iBooks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble are in affiliation with them.

There are other sites like Lulu, such as CreateSpace that will also help you publish your work freely and online.

How did you feel when you had the book online? 

I was buzzing with excitement and couldn’t sit still. It felt like I’d finally left my mark on the world. If just one person buys Unique: Collection I have made a difference.

What advice would you give for those planning on publishing their own book?

That’s it: they should plan. If it’s a novel, you must plan. If it’s a collection of short works, you must have some kind of theme. Your readers must be the first and last people you write for.

Write first, publish after. If you are looking at the dollar signs, you are not writing for the right reasons.

When it comes to writing poetry, do you have any tips for those who are wanting to give it a shot?

Know the form that fits you best. That means experimenting. I wrote maybe fifty poems and only a few of those made it into my book. With this experimentation, you eventually find yourself a form you never expected to use. My best and proudest poem, ‘The Tyrant to the Exile’ was written on my phone as I walked through campus.

You can buy Unique: Collection here.

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