#ProjectTaxi Goodie Bag Review

#Projecttaxi Goodie Bag Review!


Since Next’s #Projecttaxi event, I’ve been enjoying the goodies that they gifted us all. The goodie bag itself was beautiful. Well, I am a sucker for shiny text on a minimalist background. But this post will be specialising in reviewing our little freebies (and giving me an excuse to wear a kimono and dance around my room).



Relax Body Butter (280ml)£8

When I saw the pot I was a little underwhelmed because I prefer bright colours and this had a more muted pastel tone. It reminded me of something an older and more sophisticated woman would have. I’m neither of those things, but I’ve actually been endeared to it. All I have to think is, “One day you’ll be classy, too… Hopefully.”

When I opened the pot, I was immediately struck with just how much was in there. The pot was filled to the brim. Compared to some of the more expensive – and even some cheaper pots – it had a surplus. Not to mention that the  scent immediately transported me back to my first bubble bath and just how relaxed I had been.

Jasmine, lavender and sandalwood seem to make the most soothing combination I think I’ve smelled in a long while. I actually wore this for a job interview! While I was nervous, I’m pretty darn sure that it was the main reason I didn’t do my Beaker (from the Muppets) impression at them.

So, how does it apply? I applied it to both dry and damp skin to test them. And the results were pretty good! On dry skin, a fingertip distributes over both hands and leaves them feeling slightly sticky for minutes afterwards. However, on damp skin the same amount goes on one whole arm with some excess and no tacky feeling. So, if you decide to buy it, always apply it after a bath or handwash.

I can say that I’m in love with this soothing and lovely-smelling body butter. Now, I don’t think I’ll buy it often because I do have a preference for sweeter scents.

If you want a body butter that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, this is a great choice.

Make Me Beautiful Purple Haze Lipstick – £8


When I saw there was lipstick, in the goodie bag I almost squealed! Even though I don’t have enough occasion to wear lipstick in my day to day, I love having some. Especially this colour. If I’d had this one a week earlier I’d have used it on my cosplay makeup of Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins.

The tube is very shiny – which sold me immediately. However, it’s not just that which had me in love with the lipstick. The ease of application and the stunning shade of deep purple was to die for. It may have been too easy to apply, though as it glided everywhere. Everywhere over my mouth. Once it dried it was okay, though.


Okay, so I do have some hangups with this lipstick. While it felt great on my lips for the first hour-ish, it dried them out after a while. Sadly, there was also some transference while I ate my bagel, but that’s nothing a little retouch can’t mend.

Would I buy this on my own? Well, I’ve always felt dark lips made me look a bit like Ursula from the Little Mermaid or any villain from any TV show. So no, not unless I’m doing it for cosplay. Should you buy it? If dark looks are your thing, rock this lipstick! Just make sure you moisturise your lips before and after use.

Make Me Beautiful Black Volumising Mascara – £8


I must admit that I felt a little intimidated when I noticed just how chunky the tube and spoolie were. I was afraid that I would get the stuff all over my eyelids. However, it was quite the opposite. The thicker tube gave me a better grip and let me have almost perfect control! No mascara on my eyelids that day.

Now, talking about application… I curled my lashes a little bit and put one layer of mascara on. Unlike most cheap or old mascaras, this separated each of my lashes and made them look so naturally stunning. They weren’t clumpy at all. Not to mention just how smooth the mascara went on.

I will definitely be buying this baby when I run out.

Navy Printed Wrap Robe – £38

I have to hold my hands up. When I saw this in the goodie bag I mistook it for a babushka. However, when I finally took it out Laura and I discovered a glamorous kimono-robe.

When I saw that the one they’d given me was a medium, I had a moment of sorrow. I could no longer pretend to be Buffalo Bill. But lo! When I put it on it fit almost perfectly. My chest was a little too big for it, but that’s understandable considering that I usually by large for that exact reason.

The kimono is very pretty and soft. It’s just a shame that I have no real reason to wear one. My pyjamas are often chunky and if I’m cold I’d wear my warm teddy-bear robe. I suppose it’s great for you glamourous ladies who sleep in the nude or have a partner who can appreciate sexy nightwear.

So would I have bought one for myself? No. It’s just not my type of thing. Should you buy it? If you want something attractive and comfortable to wear when you make breakfast in bed for your partner, then go for it!

Chain Across-The-Body Bag – £22

This baby is prettiest handbag I’ve ever had! However, I’m not keen on the synthetic shine but there are suede alternatives that are obviously less shiny. Now, the strap is the piece de resistance of this bag. A gold coloured chain with black ribbon interwoven between each link makes this bag stand out from all of the others in my wardrobe.

Ah, but that strap. As lovely as it appears, the chain makes a small bag quite a bit heavier than the others you could buy. Not to mention that I have yet to see any way of adjusting the length of this ‘across the body’ bag. Women with large chests aren’t very lucky with this bag, sadly.

I have a question for any other owner of this bag: Are they secret pockets? The slits at the entrance imply there’s a little space for your bits and bobs which will definitely not fit in just the main section. If they are not secret pockets, that lining has to go! Seriously, if they aren’t pockets the lining is way too big for such a small bag.

I tried to fit the things I would take out with me whether that be to a nightclub or on a day out. This bag can squeeze in my large purse, passport and phone. With a squeeze – and no keyrings – my keys would fit. So, yes this small bag is good for a night out on the town or at a fancy meal. Just don’t expect to fit anything else.

Would I have bought it? No, I’m not keen on very small bags because they just don’t fit any of my things. Should you buy it? Yes! If you love pretty bags and have a reason to have a small handbag, this is a must-have. Especially at this price.

Thank you Next for our lovely goodie bag!

If you already have your hands on one of these things, what’s your opinion? And what is the best goodie bag you’ve ever received? And yes, I mean even one from a kid’s party! 

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