Stop Dog Smell In Your Home

How to Prevent Dog Smell in Your Home

I have smell paranoia. Whether I’m on the train and I’m worried about my BO or if I’ve had a curry and I’m concerned that my clothes smell like Tikka, I’ve always been paranoid about whether I smell. I think it stems from a miserable childhood with an arsehole who would refer to me as a “pikey’s daughter”. But we also owned a chip fryer which meant I constantly smelled like Dave’s Fish and Chip shop. And it was gross.

But the worst smell for me? Dog smell. But it was only when I got my own dogs that I found a strange comfort in their smell. And I don’t mean wet dog smell – that is horrible. But the smell of a clean dog is comforting. Am I weird?

Overall, my dogs are clean. But with the winter months, it sometimes means they traipse into my lovely home, with its white floors and blue walls, covering everything in little brown mud sprays. Luckily, I can wipe that crap off. I mean, I clean my floor religiously every day for an hour with my magic floor cleaner (onto that later).

But what about the goddamn smell?

Luckily, we don’t have that problem. That is because I, being the smell worrier (and warrior, in many cases) that I am, decided to design my house so it repels dog smell as much as possible.


How to Stop Dog Smell in Your Home

When we originally bought the house we were going for a grey carpet (oh, how blogger of me). But then my two angels came into my life (thanks for that Paul). Therefore, it was time for Plan B! Laminate flooring. But I only wanted it in white. Because white means light, spacious and easy to spot dirt.

“You want to see dirt?” I hear you ask.

Well, yes. I want to be able to see if my dogs bring in any nastiness on their garden escapades so I can clean it up. See? There is a method to the madness.

Carpets absorb dirt and smells so are a lot harder to clean than laminate flooring. If you have dogs that is my recommendation! We have carpet upstairs where the dogs aren’t allowed and a rug in the living room so we don’t lose out on that cosy feel!


I’m not a fan of leather. I don’t agree with killing animals for pleasure, which includes for food and fashion. However, there was a drastically low amount of faux leather sofas available of good quality for a worthwhile price so we resorted to a French Connection leather sofa. I am a hypocrite because I absolutely love my sofa. And it doesn’t absorb any dog smell, unlike fabric. Nonetheless, we don’t let them on the couch because 1. Claws, and 2. I wouldn’t get my arse on there with two massive dogs.


I mentioned earlier that I clean daily. Well, most of the time. Today, for example, I can’t be bothered as it’s rather wet out so it would be entirely pointless. We let the dogs in the garden for their toilet break every few hours and because of the work that has taken place out there… Well, the ground is a bit muddy. However, most days I clean throughout the downstairs of the house.

Here’s what I do:

  • Polish tables, shelves and speakers (dust and dog fluff everywhere! They also like to lick the coffee table.)
  • Clean the kitchen (not as messy because the dogs don’t go in there but Paul can be an untidy git.)
  • Spray and brush in Vanish foam.
  • Spray cushions, dog beds and curtains with pet odour remover.
  • Hoover floor throughout downstairs including rug.
  • Scrub, wash and dry floors with Vax Floormate.

I also ensure I clean their bedding and toys once a week. We have a dog mat for their paws when they get indoors but I also make sure there are towels nearby too!


Stop Dog Smell in Your Home

At least every other day we groom our dogs by cleaning their paws, combing their fur, removing any matted fur and using olive oil to clean the inside of their ears (don’t use water as this can trigger an ear infection). This is probably why my home has very little dog smell!

For a soft and shiny coat as well as delicious smell we use a spray shampoo which is quick, easy and doesn’t cause any mess.


I have air fresheners, incense and scented candles. All of which keep my home smelling lovely! I recommend Oust spray, Glade plug in air fresheners and candles and a pleasant, not so overpowering incense. Don’t use them all at once either. I can be a bit OTT. These smelly objects will create new smells so you don’t get nose blind!


One thing I have learnt is that with any home, with or without dogs, it’s not going to be 100% clean and tidy all the time. There will be scratches, chips, stains and scuffs. That’s just something that comes with owning a home. And with dogs, those things are more than likely going to happen. The same with the smell… Dogs are only as clean as you let them be. But try not to overdo it (like I used to). Take a day off every now and again.

How to Stop Dog Smell In Your Home

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