How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

How To Plan A Wedding on a Budget


A huge part of anyone’s life is getting married. It takes a lot of work, commitment and trust and it all begins with getting engaged. Once the celebrating is done you and your loved one are in the need of taking the big step of planning your day. Please emphasise the ‘your’.

First and foremost, there needs to be a date and a location in mind. This way you can arrange your savings accordingly and give yourself time to prepare all the necessary arrangements. Now to look at some ways you can cut down the costs:


Looking for the materials and taking time out to put everything together is hard work. There may also be a few disagreements but I promise you that you will feel as if you have achieved something amazing when you do something yourself. For my wedding, we headed to Hobbycraft (but any arts and crafts store will do) and bought card and card decorations to create our wedding invitations. The same goes for wedding favours and our pick ‘n’ mix table.


Package deals at beautiful manor houses, castles and whatnot may seem like a great idea… They will plan and organise but also increase the costs on your big day. Paul and I were married in a local church which also had a function hall just next door which we decorated ourselves. If you can find a local church hall or events room then you can make it whatever you wish.


By doing plenty of research and not by buying expensive wedding magazines, you will save a great deal. Looking online at reviews and websites will help you be able to compare prices.


There are certain things you and your partner will want to keep such as the wedding dress, but there are definitely places you can cut the spending simply by renting suitschair covers and props etc.


If you are friendly with your hairdresser or have a friend who is studying catering or simply know where the best deals are, use them. It’s all about connections so don’t be afraid to name drop.

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As soon as you tell any company you are planning a wedding, dollar signs will cha-ching in their eyes. So, tell them you are planning a party… It’s true!


It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement but keep an eye on your finances before you go shopping. If it’s not in your budget, don’t get it.


Don’t worry about what other people may think. Do what is right for you and your fiancé. Spending lots of money to impress others will only hurt your pocket. You’re the ones who are getting married after all! So, don’t worry about whether guests will prefer having a buffet (we had a huge buffet and a hog roast!) or a three-course meal. Choose whatever suits you!

I hope this has given you a little insight to what a wedding can become purely based on being careful and getting your hands dirty. If you have any queries or wish to get further wedding advice, contact me!

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