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Planet Organic Chia Vanilla Energise Protein Bar Review

Give me ethical, give me natural and give me protein. We all know protein is a key part of a healthy diet. But do we get enough? Probably not. Especially after working out. Which is why having healthy protein bars are important as so many contain a tonne of sugar.


Firstly, why the hell do we need protein? According to WebMD, our hair and nails are primarily made up of it. Our body uses it to build and repair tissues, which is why it is so important to consume it after working out. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. It is important for our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.


Protein supplements can be found in practically everywhere. Boots, Superdrug and even supermarkets sell a variety of protein powders and bars. But we have to be very careful in what we choose to purchase. Why? Well, despite being full of protein many brands fill their powders, shakes and bars with sugar which we know is counter productive for a healthy diet. In addition to that, many protein supplements also contain animal products which aren’t suitable for everyone, such as vegetarians and vegans.

That’s where Ethical Superstore comes in. Ethical Superstore is an online shop specialising in Fair Trade, organic and vegan goods which are perfect if you are looking at leading this lifestyle. One of their products features something I have been trying over the last few weeks…


Ethical Superstore kindly sent me a load of their Chia Vanilla Energise Protein Bars to test out… This particular raw snack bar is made with nuts, hemp protein and superfood ingredients for a burst of energy during the day. The bar is also gluten free and suitable for vegans.

Now in all honestly, I have been used to eating protein bars which contain chocolate coating and caramel… Not entirely good for me, I know. So, switching to a completely natural, raw and organic bar was a bit of a difference. It took some getting used to.

Previously, bars I’ve had like this felt quite gritty in texture and had an odd taste. However, I thought this one was rather pleasant and didn’t have too much of an unpleasant taste. Again, it takes some getting used to the natural ingredients and lack of sugar. The vanilla is what is meant to give it some sweetness however I didn’t pick it up too much at first.

The bar itself is small so doesn’t last long! But it isn’t meant to be a filling snack. It doesn’t give you a heavy feeling after you’ve just worked out which many bars have made me feel when I’ve eaten them. This is also good if you want the protein goodness but aren’t too keen on the taste – small and able to be quickly consumed!

It’s perfect for the post-gym boost to ensure you get natural protein which comes from Hemp protein.


If you’ve been putting sugar in your tea for a long time and suddenly stop, the tea doesn’t taste as good. The same goes with the changeover from a sugary protein bar to an all natural. But once you get used to it, it becomes the perfect post-workout snack to help mend and grow your muscles. It’s small, natural and good for you which is perfect for helping your body become healthy and fit.

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