Places to Stay & Eat in NYC

Places to Stay & Eat in NYC

I’ve been looking forward to doing a city guide for New York. I have been planning this in my head of what I want to show you guys and tried not to do too many of the same-old same-old. So! Welcome to Part 1 of my New York City Guide featuring places to stay and eat in NYC. Be sure to click on the titles to get taken to the websites 🙂




We chose this apartment because of a few factors: it’s a perfect size for 2 people, it’s close to everything we wanted to be near to (Central Park, Trader Joe’s, Museum of Natural History and much more…) and it had great reviews (this is key when looking at apartments!).

The apartment has the essentials as well as a fire place for you to burn candles, a Mac computer for you to catch up with blogging and also a coffee maker (but make sure you buy pre-ground coffee, I made that error!) Everything is really close by including Shake Shack (see below for more information on that yumminess), Starbucks and a Laundromat that provides a wash and fold service for a bargain price.

Lane, our host, is incredibly friendly and helpful with a beautiful apartment so if you ever decide to book this place, she will assist you each step of the way 🙂

Just remember when renting an apartment anywhere you do have neighbours who may be permanent residents who need to rush around for work in the early hours of the morning. Also with this apartment you are by a school so you do get to hear the laughter of children about 3 times a day so be prepared for a very natural surroundings as opposed to the hotel life!


This is where we stayed for our first trip to New York was in 2012 where we stayed for 5 nights. So, if you prefer the luxuries of a hotel this one is right for you.

Near to Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre and Radio City Music Hall and it being the hotel where Elvis Presley stayed in 1956 this place was a definite yes for us.

With Randolph’s – a beautiful bar serving great food as well as drink and a dining room should you require breakfast with your stay as well as comfy beds, there is not a bad word I can say about this lovely hotel.




You may be able to get all three meals here but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Carnegie Deli does it best. Refills of coffee, platefuls of hash and layers of fluffy pancakes is the perfect reason to get up early and come to this popular delicatessen. The walls are swarmed by celebrities who have visited (including Bill Clinton) so you know it’s good! Click here for location.


For the best burgers – sit in or takeaway – Shake Shack is the place. A range of tasty burgers and hot dogs, wonderfully flavoured crinkle cut fries and deliciously thick milk shakes makes this place pure perfection.

You can find a few of these scrummy fast food eateries across the city but if you’re ever around Central Park then head to the corner of W 77th (close to the Museum of Natural History) and you will find the one I went to.


As I’ve said in a couple of previous posts I have been to 21 before. It has great historical value due to being a bar used in the prohibition period as well as being a huge hang out for 1950s stars (Marilyn was one of them but that’s not the reason I came here I swear!).



With a takeaway section for cakes and coffee as well as a sit down restaurant you can get the “Most Fabulous Cheesecake” and chocolate fudge cake I must say. HUGE slices of this sickly deliciousness. 1950s tunes are always a yes in my book so I am a huge fan just by my own description.



Next to the New York Palace Hotel is an adorable bakery sporting lots of varieties of baked goods including eclairs, croissants and cheesecakes. Their beautiful macaroon window display is what enticed me in, and I don’t even like macaroons that much (I tried once but never got into them!).  Their friendly service and gorgeous lemon meringue, which was mouthwateringly delicious, is why I am sure one trip here is going to be impossible.

If you have any other foodie locations that everyone MUST go to when in NYC leave a note in the comments!

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