The Perfect Personalised Gift

Canvases and Photobooks: A Perfect Personalised Gift

So, there are only eight Mondays left until Christmas (not including today). Scary thought, huh? And with every scary realisation that the end of the year is soon approaching, another thought occurs: What do I get for so and so? And if you’re anything like me and Amy, you might prefer to get the ones you love something a little more personal. Which is where Tru Print comes in for the perfect personalised gift, whether it’s for Christmas or not…


We all have a vision in our head of our favourite memories. Sometimes we wish we could capture them from our mind and put it on the wall. There are so many occasions where I wish I had taken a photo.

An example of this is when Paul and I visited New York in 2012. Our first morning, we woke up before the sun had begun to rise. We planned to eat pancakes at Carnegie Deli so we left the Warwick Hotel and made our way there. Two streets down and there was a burst of sunlight glaring onto the Radio City Music Hall Building. And I remember being in awe. But I took that moment and kept it in my head, rather than on an SD card.

Part of me is glad I enjoyed the moment and the other half of me is regretful that I didn’t snap it. But then something funny happened while I was scrolling through Tumblr… I saw this photo.


As soon as I saw the photo I was like, “That’s my memory!” And part of me was jealous that I didn’t take it. Sounds silly I know but I wanted the image to be mine.


For some unknown reason, people like to turn their nose up at others who like to photograph anything and everything. But they forget that some of the best moments can be captured on camera. A meal you might have put on Instagram can remind you of the amazing day you had with your partner. The selfie you took with Winnie the Pooh at Disney World will give you butterflies, reminding you of how happy you were.

There’s nothing wrong with photographing the little things because they build the bigger picture.


The Perfect Personalised Gift

We used to keep photo albums and now we use Facebook and Instagram to share and keep memories. But sometimes there’s nothing better than unwrapping a canvas or two of your kids (or pets!) when they were babies compared to now. Or perhaps a photo that they took and are particularly proud of. Photobooks are also a beautiful and personal way to store memorable moments such as holidays, each year you’re together or perhaps a book of memories throughout someone’s life? The ideas are never ending and will forever change with each person, each event and each year. A canvas or photobook is the perfect personalised gift!

If you could put a memory on a canvas or in a book, which one would it be?

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