Have the Perfect Sunday

Tomorrow is perhaps my favourite day. Sunday! What is the perfect Sunday to you? Does it start with breakfast in bed? A long walk and a roast dinner? Or are you one of those perfectly annoying people who gets their life sorted before 10 a.m? Yeah, you wish! Perhaps it’s a day to get everything done before the week of work commences. If you’ve not found how to create your perfect Sunday, perhaps I will help inspire you.

Personally, the perfect Sunday is one where I don’t have to wash my hair. I especially love it when it’s raining outside and I feel all cosy. Lazing in bed is always a good idea. But I don’t get to do that much because, you know, I have dogs and everything.


The Perfect Sunday

Sundays are for rest, right? Not for 6 a.m wake-up calls. Unless you’re going on holiday of course. Whether you’re religious or not, we should all make the most of the day of rest (if you’re lucky enough to have a day off at the weekend!)

Sundays are the day to wake up at 9 a.m (or later because why the f*** not?), lay in bed and scrolling through Instagram. Girl, take your time to get up. You’re in no rush. Throw on your dressing gown, put the kettle on and make yourself a delicious breakfast. Or get someone else to do it… Something like pancakes! It’s a treat, you don’t get to eat this deliciousness every day.

Chill out watching Sunday morning TV whilst munching on your yummy pancakes, sipping on coffee before dressing in your Sunday best. Now, for me, this consists of leggings, a big cosy jumper, messy bun and fluffy socks. How about you? Do you even get dressed on a Sunday?


The Perfect Sunday

Don’t feel bad about spending the day on the sofa, watching Disney movies with mugs of tea (or coffee in my case). It’s the only time you can play Sims for hours on end, catching up with your favourite blogs or even bulk writing your own. If you don’t do it now, when will you? On Monday afternoon? I don’t think so.

Visit the family, eat a massive roast dinner and have an afternoon nap. Sink into the laziest day of the week with full force!


With Monday looming over us, it’s time to put our positive hats on. Get yourself organised for the week ahead.

I know I’ve been like, “Relax,”  and don’t stress, however, late afternoon is the optimum time to get sorted before the following week creeps up. Prep your lunches, create a dinner plan, get your online shopping ordered for Monday morning before work and to organise your life!

Clear your handbag of junk and have it Monday ready. Ensure you have your diary, purse, Oyster card and necessary chargers. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your commuting essentials on a Monday. Not a good start. Especially if your phone dies before your commute home. Get that spare charger ready so you don’t have to listen to the drone of commuters on the 5:30 train. Oh, and as far as chargers go (for phones, USBs, cameras, Bluetooth headphones etc.) have them stored and easily found in this Charger Cable Bag, by Qwerkity.

Once you’ve got your handbag and lunch sorted for tomorrow, plan your Monday attire. Something smart but comfortable. Then it’s time to resume chilling out.


The Perfect Sunday

Once you’ve got your shit together for Monday, it’s time to chill again. Have a bubble bath, preferably one of the boozy kind!  One of those lovely gifts for her that you should consider getting those who may need a bit of a relaxation and pampering… Including yourself!

When your refreshing and relaxing bath is complete, paint your nails have a cup of tea and curl up with a good book!

What is your perfect Sunday? 

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  • Reply Zed February 18, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Saturdays are my favourite. Sundays are a mixed bag, on the one hand, it’s still the weekend but on the other hand it’s the end of the weekend.

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