What Makes the Perfect Summer Dress?


A few weeks ago us Brits got the first taste of Summer. Sadly it didn’t really last long, however I was prepared for a few days of sun with the help of JD Williams. This gorgeous print dress is the perfect dress for summer. What really makes the perfect summer dress?

Laura LFTN Brighton May 2016

Laura LFTN Brighton May 2016


My dress by Joanna Hope is made mainly with cotton meaning it is light, airy and breathable. I cannot stand with dresses stick to me especially in the heat. According to Human Touch of Chemistry cotton is the perfect summer dress material as it allows air circulation, is lightweight and is good for those with sensitive skin.

Laura LFTN Brighton May 2016


This dress is described as a 1950’s style however I feel that it’s a little too low cut for the 1950’s. But that’s not a problem for me. I love the cut on this dress. It allows for enough skin to be on show but due to it’s length it doesn’t go OTT on the flesh exposure.

This dress is a little loose fitting. Despite getting a size 12 based on the sizing guide, it felt a little big on me. So if you want to get something a little tighter (without suffocating) I’d look into getting a size smaller.

Laura LFTN Brighton May 2016


Summer means bright! The red on this dress is a little WOAH on someone as pale as I am but I love it. Combined with the large flower prints I think this dress really stands out. I did have a few compliments from shop owners whilst I was in Brighton which was nice!

Overall when you’re looking for the perfect summer dress you need something that’s comfortable, won’t make you sweaty and gross and feel like the season has arrived. Sadly, I’m not sure when I will be wearing this again before my summer holiday. But I definitely will be taking this little beauty with me. JD Williams have a large selection of gorgeous dresses to brighten up your summer!

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