Choosing the Perfect Kitchen

I think the definition of perfect is completely dependent on you as a person. “Perfect” is personal and so should how you decorate and furnish your home. That’s certainly what Paul and I found whilst searching for kitchen inspiration for our new house (it’s coming, it’s coming…). We found that there are so many different components to a kitchen that you need to pick each individual thing that is right for you.

Harvey Jones got in touch to discuss, you guess it, kitchens. They originally wanted me to share their blog post about the “love it or hate it” island. However, I thought I’d share my tips on finding the perfect kitchen for you and your home!


I personally love islands. They fill up large empty kitchens with additional worktops, storage space and even another place to eat. However, not all kitchens have the shape or size for an island. Therefore, you really have to think about how you can utilise the space you have for your kitchen’s size.

This is where the bespoke journey of kitchen design begins. You see, when something is bespoke it is personal to you and fits around your current layout. Bespoke kitchen designers work with you to give you what you need with the space you have. For example, we met with several companies and only the bespoke one sat down with us and planned a layout based on our needs.

It’s a good idea to have your measurements drawn up when meeting a designer as it will make the process much quicker. And don’t worry if you are slightly out with the measurements, the designer will be able to estimate them by the figures you already have.


Although bespoke designs allow you to pick and choose what you need, there are really a small collection of design styles and they come in the form of modern and traditional kitchens.

You may want to think about the rest of your house for this bit. If you want for the country feel you may want to consider a Shaker kitchen as they tend to be simple with wooden cabinets and rustic style handles. Whereas modern would consist of sleeker finishes with metal as opposed to wood.


Do you need a wine rack? If you don’t drink, then probably not. What is the size of your family? How big is your oven? Where is the tumble dryer vent going to go? These are the questions you will be asked and will need to think about when meeting a designer.

Remember that a kitchen is a place of practicality. Don’t fill it up with things you don’t need when space could be made better use of.

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