The Perfect Ballet Flats

The Perfect Ballet Flats

No matter how much I would absolutely love to wear heels day in, day out I can’t. There are only a few pairs of heeled boots I feel comfortable with and even then I can’t wear them for too long. And with all the trouble with my feet in the past, a pair of comfortable shoes is all I want in life. And the prettier they look, the better.

The Perfect Ballet Flats

But pretty isn’t all I want. I desire shoes that will not only be the perfect fit (size 5.5 UK) but will also be good for both day and night wear, formal and informal.

And then I found them.


Saks Fifth Avenue has the most beautiful Diane von Furstenberg shoes, which were sent to me via The Luxe Link. I simply told them the shoes I wanted, and they placed the order for me, delivering them to my home address. Sadly, you cannot order them through Saks. Which is why The Luxe Link were so helpful. But more on that later!

These shoes are a gorgeous black (or if you prefer, Fawn) suede ballet flat with subtle golden trim. So stylish! They have a leather lining and sole, making them incredibly comfortable.

They have a timeless and classic design and will go with practically any outfit. Exactly what I need!


The Perfect Ballet Flats

I don’t own any “designer” or “luxury” items. Partly because of cost, partly because many fab items come from overseas.

And I know there are some people from the UK who wait to travel to the US to get items at a cheaper cost. If you’re after anything like this, especially luxury apparel and accessories, The Luxe Link can help, like they did for me.

The Perfect Ballet Flats

It can be really frustrating with retailers’ limitations on global delivery and accepting foreign credit and debit cards. But The Luxe Link can help! They can assist shoppers like you and me to obtain exclusive items and deliver them straight to their doorsteps.

There is 10% service but you will never have to guess at our pricing or wonder about hidden fees — there are none! You request, they’ll quote and order your items so you don’t have to.

These shoes are so incredibly pretty and comfortable. And if it wasn’t for The Luxe Link, they wouldn’t be in my possession. So, I thank them for processing this for me and gifting me the gift certificate for this them.


The Perfect Ballet Flats

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