Why I Stopped Being Afraid of Social Media

Why I Stopped Being Afraid to Share my Opinions on Social Media

I’ve started writing this paragraph about six times as there’s so much I want to say. Basically, I have decided to say whatever I want on social media. Political, social, whatever. I will write about it. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing that I am lucky enough to be born into. We can all say whatever we like, including Donald Trump. And there will be people who disagree but I’ll be honest when I say I feel better when I write about it. Even if the character count won’t allow me to explain my view thoroughly.


I used to be afraid that my opinions would invite hate and that I would lose followers. But in reality, why does that matter? There is a block button for a reason and there are also people out there who I’d prefer to follow me compared to those who are racist or whatever.

In the past year or so I’ve become very politically minded. I never voted before until the EU referendum because I realised how important my vote is, no matter of what difference it makes or not. Because I can then at least say to myself, “You stood up for what you believed in.” And now there are things that I understand more about the world I will vote, I will voice my POV. I will also happily admit when I’m wrong. Okay, so not happily but if someone gave a good enough argument that crushed my views and stats like a grape.

I’ve decided to not worry so much about my online reputation because I think personality, thoughts and feelings are what makes a blogger more human, relatable and personable. We as bloggers are an online voice and should express our views more often (if we want to of course).

I have plenty of views on things. And I have my reasons for believing in them. I won’t say my beliefs are right for everyone as people have all experienced different lives and upbringings but I think my views are that primarily of peace. I don’t think groups; races or religions should be generalised. I don’t think anyone deserves to die. I think there are awful, cruel and sick people in the world and too many people are being punished for those bad apples’ actions.


What I can’t stand is when people spew opinions without any logical backup. They literally regurgitate what’s said on the news. Whereas, I have decided to second guess my opinions and read up on them before I write anything online. Something which needs to be encouraged.


Personally, I think Donald Trump (any bigot for that matter) has the right to think what they want. Because even if they don’t say what they believe, they would’ve thought it anyway. It just means they are/were heartless, hateful, angry, bitter, jealous, twisted and evil people (I wouldn’t go as far to call Piers Morgan that, he’s just an idiot). But why censor them? In their eyes, they are right. Censor them you censor everyone. You’re as bad as they are if you want to stop them from having the freedom to think or speak.

With censorship, you eliminate the process of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Without freedom of speech, you wouldn’t have art, poetry, film, design… It’s how you respond to offensive comments, points of view that are what shows power. Killing people doesn’t show power. The pen is mightier than the sword after all.

So not using social media to share my thoughts, becoming part of a collective of people who agree with me, feeling less alone in my thought process, is a pointless exercise. Share what you think and feel if you want. Retweet news stories that anger you or please you.

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