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Office Space Wishlist with

Over the past few months I have been harping on about moving house. And I’ll be honest when I say it’s been a nightmare and a half. However, with a conclusion on the horizon (please God, let it be soon) I have been having some bed furniture desires, sourcing living room inspirations and having major kitchen crushes. But one space which I am forever umming and ahhing over is my future home office. I’ve even got a whole pin board dedicated to desk spaces. (Does that make me sad?)  Which is why when I was asked to check out I decided I was going to put together an office space wishlist.


What drew me to happily collaborate with Well, by now you must know I love interior design. So that was the first thing. Anything interiors related and hell, I’m gonna be all over that baby. Next was the simplicity of their website design. Easy to use and easy to navigate something I appreciate very much so.

It didn’t take me long to agree to share some of my favourite goodies. Now, I will admit I was a little-taken aback by the prices (yes they are expensive) HOWEVER you cannot put a price on quality. And there are no fakes here, no-no. But now I should really talk about the brand itself…

Nest (as in, like, your home) was created by Christian Hawley whilst he was travelling around the world. When in Australia he had a burst of inspiration, deciding to visit some of the world’s best furniture fairs from Milan to Paris to source innovative furniture and lighting products (I took that last bit from the website!).

Established in 2002 in Sheffield, Nest became a favourite with design buyers and are now an independent multi-channel retailer, with a website showcasing over 15,000 products and a beautiful showroom based in Sheffield. All authentic licensed originals, which I like!


Here are some of my favourite pieces from the Nest website. Now, I’m not even considering these items together, as I am practically all over the place with my design choices but I do love each and every item. What is your favourite?

String Works Height-Adjustable Desk

Seeing as most desks tend to come in one height meaning an adjustable chair is required… Meaning I also have to get a foot support because my legs don’t touch the floor. You see the dilemma.This desk is perfect if you’re a short arse like me. Not only is it more productive when we vary our posture but it’s also better for us physically. You can change your position from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, allowing you and your back to feel comfortable. According to the product description the desk is created for all types office environments.  It also has a cable tray where all the wires can be neatly and efficiently stored (BONUS).

Magis XX Stacking File Holder


My desk can get a little, shall we say, crowded? After a day of work I tend to tidy up by shoving everything in a drawer meaning I tend to dedicate entire afternoon rearranging the desk cabinets. However, saving the drawers for other, more important things is this cool file holder. This is just what you need to keep your desk clear and tidy from paperwork, wallets and what not. Simply pop them in a card file and slide them into this gorgeously designed holding facility.

Muuto Mini Stacked Shelving System


Stylish storage for the office is pretty hard to come by but putting my books and nic-nacs in this awesome stacked shelf design is a cool way to keeping my life together. Diaries, folders and pretty stationery can have pride of place in an easy to find, stackable shelf location.

Tom Dixon Cube Stapler


Who doesn’t love a bit of rose gold? Sadly I couldn’t find the matching tape holder but I do love the cubic design of this Tom Dixon stapler! It gives a bit of shine and femininity to the desk and is super handy!

Harto Gaston Wall Secretary Desk


I think this is just too cute! A tidy way of storing your office bits and bobs whilst keeping the room stylish and chic. This wall secretary desk is a great place to shut your laptop away when the day is done or to cover up ugly folders.

Do you have a home office? Is there anything you wish you had to help keep it personal and practical? Leave a comment below!

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