Ten Signs That You're Obsessed With A TV Show

Ten Signs You’re Obsessed with a TV Show

A Sky van drove past me on the way from the gym and I totally freaked out. Guess who’s face I saw plastered on the side? Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter! Ri–ght. And you thought Laura was the only one with an obsession with a TV show.

1. Your heart skips a beat at the mere mention of the show.

I might have a heart problem, or I might just be that into Hannibal. But if your heart races when you think of your favourite show, that’s the true sign of love. Heck, if you don’t feel that way about your partner, you love your show more than you love them!

2. You are the mastermind champion of your favourite show.

If you were on Mastermind, you’d win hands down. It also enters everyday life. If someone gives a so-called ‘fact’ about your show, you’re ready to knock them out with your actual facts. Prove who is the bigger fan. Prove it or give me your crown back.

3. You can name over three actors in the show without IMDB.

It might be just me, but if I obsess over a show, I will find out the actor’s names. And no, this isn’t just for actors I fancy. Without the help of IMDB I can literally name every starring actor in Hannibal.

4. The canon story isn’t enough for you. You must venture into AO3 territory.

Sure, you could wait months for your next season and let your obsession stagnate and die. Or you could read fifty fanfictions back to back that fill in your deepest innermost needs. You want to see Daenerys marry Joffrey? SHAME. But there’s also a fic for that. Or will be once I’m done.

With the internet, a story never has to end.

5. You’ve dressed up as a character – or thought, “Oh, I look like *them* today! Awesome.”

Whether it’s for Halloween, costume party or cosplay event, you’ve rocked that look you thought iconic. Sadly, for most of us our shows have average people doing average things in average clothes. As a Hannibal fan, I could always pour fake blood everywhere or dress as the Wendigo… but those looks are troublesome for different reasons.

6. You laugh at things normal people wouldn’t.

I mean, there’s always that in-joke. You’ll hear someone say something or something will happen which makes you burst out laughing. Bonus points if you’re the one dropping the in-joke, or if you laugh in a pretty bad situation.

7. You show people clips of the show. Even when they have never watched it.

I don’t do this one much but a certain sister of mine definitely does. I think I can quote many of Negan’s best lines thanks to Laura showing literally everyone in our family the compilation videos of Negan. Please, Laura. Help me help you.

8. Your shelves are full to the brim of memorabilia.

So far I count: Two Funko Pop figures, four Hannibal movies, three seasons of Hannibal, many many Thomas Harris books and a behind the scenes of the show book… and that’s not counting the themed objects and Hugh Dancy movies lining my shelves.

If you’re like me and have a collection of ‘show themed’ things, you have an obsession.

(Please note, it is not what you have, but how many of these things you have that makes it an obsession.)

9. You bring up your show or its characters in conversations, or constantly find ways of relating what you’re doing to the show.

This is in fact the definition of obsession. Or I’m pretty sure it is.

If your daydreams aren’t filled with your favourite character shopping, your actual dreams are. Well, not necessarily shopping. But life feels dull and grey without your fictional loves invading your mind, so every waking moment is spent saying, “They’d like this cushion.” Or, “Hannibal would have eaten that shopkeep.” (Yes, I’m medieval. Shopkeeps exist in my world.)

10. You’ve ruined said show for everyone in your life. Or have made them fans, too.

It can go one of two ways. With me, it’s almost always the former. People who don’t like something – or barely like it – can’t handle the constant bombardment or mentions of something they don’t understand. It makes them confused. Then they get irritated. And finally, they get angry. They blame the show for the downfall of modern culture.

It’s not the show’s fault. It’s your’s for not accepting it.

Are there other signs of obsession to look out for? What are your worst (or best) TV show obsessions?

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