No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review

No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation

A few weeks ago Amy bought me the No 7 Stay Perfect foundation. No 7 is a little more expensive than the usual high street make up brands that I buy from, so when Amy offered I decided to accept. In the past couple of months, I have found that putting a bit more time and money into certain things really does pay off. And this includes makeup. So, is spending £14.50 on a bottle of foundation worth it in comparison to my usual £5.99 option?


The tone that matched my skin best was Cool Ivory. This is the perfect tone for those who are pale but may be a bit blotchy as it creates a good neutral balance.

The foundation itself is liquid but not too runny. It’s best to shake before use to ensure it has thickened up before application.


As you can see, although I have a relatively blemish free complexion, my pores are visible (boo!) and I have a few blotchy patches. However, once the foundation has been applied my skin has a gentle and smooth glow, creating a satin like texture. But I don’t stop there. This foundation is the perfect base! Once it’s on, I then lightly apply Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. This gives me that additional cover.

I then very slightly contour and highlight to give my face some dimension and look less flat. Voila, face complete and the rest of my makeup can be applied.


It really does stay perfect… Well, for a while anyway. The other day I went to the beach and despite the wind and spring sun, then having a nap, my makeup was still there and present.

In addition, my skin doesn’t feel particularly oily as it often does after a day with foundation on. However, that’s not to stay is 100%. I still require additional powder to get the cover I want and I do get a slightly shiny forehead by 4 pm! However, despite my oily skin, it doesn’t fade making it long lasting.

Overall, I love the smoothness of No 7’s Stay Perfect foundation and how long lasting it is. It’s definitely worth the extra bit of money but it’s not perfect enough for me. I personally think I need to stick to my absolute number one, Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love No 7 and this foundation.It’s just not one I would rely on for all day cover for my skin.

Have you used this foundation before? What did you think? 

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