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Running used to be my primary workout, mainly because it was free. After a while the cold mornings, the rain and the ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude started to sink in. The gym is a perfect place to workout… There’s variety, a fitness driven atmosphere and plenty of choice in exercise methods. Although it does cost, there are so many benefits to working out at a gym as opposed to working out from home.


It’s good to work out different parts of your body and focussing on one area each session as opposed to trying to do everything. You could end up sore all over as opposed to just your arms or legs. Here is my routine:

DAY 1: 5k and Legs/Glutes

Day 2: 5k and other Cardio/Abs

Day 3: 5k and Shoulders and Back

Day 4: 5k and Cardio/Abs

Day 5: 5k and Arms

  • 5k run on the treadmill (20 minutes target time)
  • 35 minutes workout (machines and dumbells)
  • 5 minutes stretching each muscle group

CARDIO – My cardio days consist of my usual 5k run on the treadmill plus some cycling and maybe the cross trainer. I then hit the mat to focus on weighted ab exercises. For this I use 4kg and 8kg kettle bells for crunches, sit ups, side bends and Russian twists.

WEIGHT EXERCISES – I use a range of machines and weight exercises to target my other muscle groups. I try and do 10-12 reps and 4-5 sets. Depending on the exercise will depend on the weight I use. Over time, the weight you can handle will increase so don’t feel compelled to jump to the higher dumbells.

If you go to the gym regularly, you will get to know what machines are there and what your preferences are. But it’s good to have a plan of what you are going to use for each session and record how you used it to check your progress.

I use this app to plan my workout and to show me how to do certain weight exercises for different muscle groups. It gives visual demonstrations; allows you to choose a variety of machines and lets you record your progress. It’s all well and good getting workouts online but you need to do what is comfortable for you and your body, that is why it’s awesome to be able to choose what you’re going to use during your gym session. Over time you will be able to build on those and start using the more complex machines and weight exercises.

Don’t forget, it’s very important to have rest days to allow your body to recover. Working out too much can cause injury putting you out of action.

I have found working at a gym to be much more motivating and helpful in targeting all areas of my body. Also in helping me build muscle and drop fat. I use this workout with a clean diet, lots of protein and feel wonderful for it.

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