My Bucket List

My Bucket List

I think everyone has things that they want to do in their life but I wonder how many do them…

Here’s my bucket list with some big and small wants for my life (I have bolded/underlined what I have left to do):

  1. Go to New York
  2. Visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave in LA
  3. Pass my driving test
  4. See the Colosseum in Rome
  5. Get a degree
  6. Work in London
  7. Get married
  8. See the Northern Lights
  9. Swim with dolphins
  10. Live in New York (even for a month)
  11. Go to Anne Frank’s house
  12. Volunteer for a charity
  13. See Russian palaces in St Petersburg
  14. Go on an African safari 
  15. Go to the Titanic Museum in Belfast
  16. Road trip Route 66
  17. Go to Disney World 
  18. Meet McFly
  19. Go on Saw at Thorpe Park (it’s scary okay?!)
  20. Ride in a hot air balloon
  21. See Niagara Falls
  22. Own an item that belonged to Marilyn Monroe
  23. Visit Graceland
  24. Unplug for 48 hours No internet, no phone
  25. Do up my house
  26. Go to Venice
  27. Go to Walker Stalker Con (and meet JDM and Norman)
  28. Meet Busted
  29. Meet the Impractical Jokers
  30. Have my own home office


  • Write 1-25 down the left side of a piece of paper
  • On a different piece of paper note down the places, you want to go, how you could get there, what you want to see there.
  • Think of what scares you and whether you want to overcome that fear.
  • Note down anything you want to do to help others.
  • Using these notes you can start to form your bucket list.
  • Stick it on your mirror, fridge, wherever you every morning.
  • Start crossing off that list. It doesn’t matter what order you do it in but aim to complete as much as possible but don’t forget to keep adding to it, big or small (a bikini wax anyone?!)

Here are some ideas for you!

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