My Brown Eyes – With Coloured Lenses UK

As a student, I often go to fancy dress parties and comic conventions in costume. Coloured contacts have been at the forefront of any good costume.

But maybe… maybe you can wear coloured contacts for just everyday stuff? There are risky surgeries to make brown eyes blue, but why endanger your eyes like that in irreversible ways?

It’s common in Japanese and Korean pop cultures to wear coloured contacts to change your appearance. But even if you’re not a Japan or cosplay otaku you can have fun with different eye colours.

Recently, I was sent these lovely brown lenses by Coloured Lenses UK to review.


They came in a package that was slightly underwhelming. The instructions were a little too small to read outright, but at least they were there. Of course, with a box so small and so much information they had to give it’s excusable. These are contacts that are inserted and removed in exactly the same way as all others. I do enjoy slight quirks, though so was impressed by the fact the instructions were on the inside. It allowed the box to retain its minimalist style.

But enough about the box, onto the contacts! Before inserting them they looked strange with their several tones. However, once in the different tones certainly worked in their favour. They avoided the trap of unnatural eyes by adding some shading and depth.

Only upon looking closer did I actually notice some blue around the pupil where it had dilated. After a moment in a darker setting, the blue was completely gone leaving a natural looking brown.

They were a bit fussy to put in and take out, but didn’t move around my eye as much as many others have done. I didn’t feel in danger of losing it in there. Once my eyes had settled, they didn’t blur my sight of give my view a strange brown tint.


On a test run, I walked to my local shop and did an everyday shop. I had three tests: Vision, comfort and noticeability.

Vision and comfort are the main priorities when sticking things in your eyes. My vision was mostly clear whilst wearing the contacts as I could read everything I would otherwise be able to. However, upon blinking there was always a moment of blurriness as the contact fought against my eyelid.

Because of this slight movement, comfort was a little off. But all un-tailored cosmetic contacts do it from time to time.

I didn’t meet anyone I already knew, but the attention felt a little more positive than I was expecting. People didn’t stare or openly mention my contacts. In fact, people seemed far more open talking to me. Perhaps it was the new confidence I seemed to have, or the fact I looked a little better!

Overall, I found these contacts great and would definitely look to buy them again when I leave windy Wales. What colour would you like to see your eyes as if you could?

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