Music Festival Tips

Music Festival Tips

I mentioned in a post recently that I’m not big on music festivals but when I do go I try to make my things as comfortable as possible. The biggest (and first “proper”) one I went to was Glastonbury 2013. It surpassed my expectations and I had an AWESOME time but there were a few things I wish I would’ve done differently.

It helps to keep everything simple when at these things to help reach the level of comfortability that won’t leave you wishing you were in a hotel. Here are some hints for those festivalling this year for the first time (or not)!


  • Put up your tent in your garden so you know if there is anything missing and so you know how to put it up
  • Book the day before the festival off (if you can) so you can get to the camp early and get a good spot
  • Write a list. There is nothing worse than forgetting something when you’re in a field in the middle of nowhere.
  • Strip away all that hair… You don’t really want to go around with hairy legs now do you?
  • Shower just before you go so you can feel clean when you get there.
  • Charge everything up – camera, phone, GoPro, whatever has a battery.
  • Bring a spare phone (cheapy one in case you need to call a friend whilst there) and camera battery.
  • Not wanting to wear make up? Get your eyelashes tinted and permed to give off the mascara effect.
  • Get one of these bags to pack the majority of your belongings


  • Get practical sized tent that you have practiced putting up before you go
  • Bring Sleeping bag, pillow and an extra cover as it gets chilly at night
  • Use an air bed to prevent a bad back – don’t forget an electric pump


  • Stylish but comfortable and easy to layer up. No you don’t need hot pants. Any pair of shorts that do not require pulling out of every crevice is what you really need! That paired with a loose jumper and tank top are perfect.  Only bring what you need and some spares in case the rain decides to pour!
  • Waterproof jacket and wellies to prevent getting soaked through
  • Thick, knee high socks to stop your feet getting cold and your wellies rubbing against your legs


  • Dry shampoo to make your hair appear cleaner than what it really is
  • Baby wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Body spray
  • You’ve got your tinted lashes, a little bit of lippy and you’re done!
  • Accessorise! If you’re into that kinda thing, buy one of those flower crowns before you get there.


Obviously this depends on the size of your bag but all of this is handy and will prevent you from going back and forth to the camp site.

  • A mini torch to help you make your way back to the tent
  • Hair brush, lipstick and body spray to keep yourself looking, smelling and feeling fresh.
  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitiser for when there is nowhere to wash your hands…
  • Tights for when it gets colder at night, pop them on under your shorts
  • A packet of tissues for when the loo is short of it. Whatever you do, don’t look down…
  • Cash to get your food and drink (keep it close)
  • ID so you can get served at the bar (not passport as that’s more expensive to replace if it gets lost)
  • Hoody and fold up waterproof jacket
  • Cheap sunglasses
  • Painkillers


  • Parking permit for the festival
  • Tickets
  • ID
  • Black sacks (to sit on, throw away rubbish)
  • Spare toilet paper

I hope that has helped a little bit with your packing and planning. Let me know if you have any festival tips so when I next go to one I can take note 🙂

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