Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide with Amara

Mini Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s time to celebrate Mums everywhere. It can even be for your Grandmother, aunt or any woman who has supported you and loves you. And as well as a bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed, a way to show your gratitude for all the years that your Mum or Mother-figure has taken care of you (whether you know it or not), is by getting her a gift she will love. It doesn’t have to be something big. Just something she will appreciate.


Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide with Amara

Who doesn’t love scented candles? They’re soothing and great for when you want a relaxing bubble bath or just to make your living room smell beautiful. Scented candles such as these incredible Max Benjamin candles are a form of aromatherapy.

The French Linen Water candle contains lavender, orange, petitgrain and citrus. These scents are said to help relax (lavender), help clear your focus (citrus), increase energy (orange), and calm (petitgrain).

White Pomegranate is an infusion of rosebud, lily, gardenia, cassis and vanilla creates a floral scent even before burning! Lastly, the Mimosa & Sweet Amber with the mimosa, green leaf & sweet ambered sandal has much more of a woody and rich undertone.

And unlike other scented candles, these last up to thirty hours each. Giving your Mum ninety hours of chill time, on (as well as after) Mother’s Day, while she soaks in the tub or relaxes on the sofa with a good book!


Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide with Amara

I adore the Ted Baker brand. Of course, they create beautiful fashion designs and elegant fragrances but they also have an adorably feminine jewellery line. With a large collection of dainty pendants and necklaces, you will find it hard to choose what your Mama would love the most as her Mother’s Day present. Obviously, she’d be happy with them all because look at them! Gorgeous and yet reliable and strong – just like Mum.


Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide with Amara

Notebooks are the most useful thing in the world. Don’t argue with me on this. We all need them. But you don’t want to get your mother any old notebook for Mother’s Day, oh no. You want to get her a notebook which she will love to have in her handbag, at work or in the home. You want it bright, fun and made by Kate Spade New York.

This spiral notebook, designed with beautiful illustrations, is adorable, sturdy and contains 121 pages of lined paper. And y’know, Mums do love getting stuff they will actually use so what’s not to love?

P.S Try not to keep it for yourself…

Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide with Amara

What are you planning on getting your Mum for Mother’s Day?

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