My Go-To Gals (Mini Make-Up Reviews)

Today Amy is sharing some of her favourite everyday make up goodies! 

Like many people, I wear (and often swear by) makeup. In fact, it’s something I wholeheartedly enjoy when it goes well. It’s the best of both painting and being face painted. And hey, it makes my mug look a little better.

  1. Boots’ Own ‘Tea Tree and Witch Hazel’ Cleansing and Toning Lotion

I have naturally deep pores and greasy skin, so it has always been hard to try and find a decent cleanser. However, when I found this one I thought it was worth a shot because it was cheap and natural. It has done a better job than any I’ve tried so far!

My skin feels much lighter and the strange blotchiness I’ve had through my life has been calmed down. If it weren’t for my slight scarring, I would definitely say I’d go foundationless with this. My spots still come by once in a while, but they’re smaller and less deep-set.

Find it here: Boots (£3.59)

  1. Estee Lauder ‘Soft Clean’ Hydrating Lotion

Okay, so I was given this by a family member and was automatically impressed by the soft scent. At first use, I worried it would make my skin sore or sticky but it was in fact very effective on my rough arms and hands. Risking it on my face has actually worked a charm! It didn’t give me any spots.

Sadly, this is too expensive for daily use so I’ll be saving it for special occasions. But hey, Christmas is around the corner!

Find it here: Estee Lauder (€21.50)

  1. Max Factor ‘Facefinity: All Day Flawless’ 3 in 1

Again and again I’ve struggled to find something that hides the redness in my skin, spots and dark shadows. This is perfect for that, giving me a smooth skin tone. As it is an all in one, it lets the skin breathe much better than using primer, concealer and foundation and it has strong staying power! It also means you can take it with you on weekend trips without taking up your whole makeup bag.

It is quite expensive for one bottle, but it lasts a month or maybe two if used sparingly. One squirt on your foundation brush should be enough to cover a mostly clear face. I love this and it is certainly my go to makeup. And if you only have one or two flaws or shadows a small bead on each and some blending will do the trick with this.

Find it here: Boots (£12.99)

  1. Seventeen ‘Stay Time’ Pressed Powder

Not much to say about this, but to keep my face from becoming shiny and add that ‘staying power’ to my makeup, I use this. Unlike most powders I’ve used, this one doesn’t have the nasty grainy powder effect that makes my makeup uneven. It also really does have the staying power it promotes.

It’s cheaper than most pressed powder, and lasts for months!

Find it here: Boots (£4.49)

  1. Calvin Klein Bronzing Powder and Blush

I was given these for Christmas, and they were the first of their kind I’ve ever tried. The blush is a lovely natural rose colour for my skin tone and blends perfectly. The bronzer is a little too dark and harder to blend, but gives my face a properly 3D effect foundation often nullifies.

Find it here: n/a – This was part of a giftset Christmas present

  1. Revolution ‘Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection’

This eyeshadow palette is great for any event. It goes from nude to smoky and it has opened my up to makeup experimentation! Thanks to this palette it allowed me to find my favourite light natural to blue blend style. It is also perfect for fancy dress.

I will be posting tips on subtle eyeshadow application soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Find it here: Superdrug (£10.00)

  1. L’Oreal ‘Superliner Superstar’ Eyeliner

I was always so scared of liquid eyeliner because I knew one wrong move could ruin all my hard work. Then I found out about the felt pens I jumped at the opportunity to buy them. But most did a weird thing of wiping itself away as you applied it or becoming bent. Recently I risked this one. Expensive, it is well worth the money. I use it everyday now and it has given me the confidence to.

Find it here: Boots (£6.99)

  1. Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ Mascara

Okay, so I’ve tried again and again to find the perfect mascara that doesn’t stick my lashes together. Even this one can’t stop that. No matter what I say about that matter, this is a lovely mascara. It is smooth and easy to apply, giving my lashes a long and full look.

Find it here: Boots (£9.99)

  1. L’Oreal ‘Brow Artist Shaper’

This is my first ever brow pencil (I had an accident grooming my brows), but has made a positive lasting impression on me. With a little brush and waxy sealer thing, it allows me to create subtle adjustments to my brows and keeps them in a good shape all day! I’ll be using it even after my eyebrow’s grown back.

Find (similar) here: Superdrug (£4.99)

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo ‘Fruity & Cheeky Cherry’

Dry shampoo is a must for people with hair like mine. It gets greasy fast and is way too soft when cleaned to style. No dry shampoo does its job as well as Batiste, and I’ve tried everything. Cherry smells good and it’s so easy to apply. It doesn’t give your hair a horrible wet feeling like some others I know.

And the best part is that it is so cheap!

Find it here: Boots (£1.99 or £3.33) size varying.

  1. Parfums Love ‘My Love’ Eau de Toilette

This sweet and fruity perfume is perfect for all ages. Yes, it’s marketed for girls and teenagers but people have actually stopped me to ask what perfume I use when I wear this. My friends love it, too. It’s light and the bottle is pretty unique too! When I say it’s my go-to I mean it.

Find it here: n/a – I actually can’t find it anywhere! I need to know =[

  1. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

These wipes are refreshing and soft to the skin. Easily re-sealable, they are unlike the others of their kind whose lids don’t stick back down. They are very wet so will last when wiping the makeup off of your face. I don’t know much about vitamins and stuff, but the wrapper says it has that too! My face is naturally greasy, and this has helped tackle that. They even have different types!

Find it here: Boots (£3.25)

  1. Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora – Bestival Blue

This was my first nail varnish I’ve bought that was a little pricey. I’m glad I did, because it is lovely to apply and also very pretty. It doesn’t chip much either. The colour is to my taste, but might not be other people’s.

Find it here: Superdrug (£2.99)

  1. Rimmel London ‘Finishing Touch’ Topcoat

This is great, making my nails hard and almost unbreakable. It gives my nails the perfect shine with a smooth application.

Find it here: Superdrug (£4.49)

These were all the prices at the time of writing this article.

What are your go-to gals? Have you tried these and had different results? Tell us in the comments below!

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