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My May Big Beauty Reviews

Since it’s nearly time for big endings and new beginnings as I prepare to finish university, I want to have a mix up of my old ‘beauty’ regime. I’ve been watching fab Youtube makeup artists such as Mykie from Glam and Gore and Patrickstarr, both who have both shown me lots of wonderful looking brands.

As a newbie to this all, I had no idea what to look for – just that I wanted healthy skin that looks it.

I admit, I’ve been writing this post for a while so I could get a handle on these new and fantastic things. I wanted to get reliable results to give you all the best and most honest review possible.

Soap & Glory™ Fab Pore™ 2-in-1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask & Peel


I have always hated masks because they’re usually messy and take time to see the results. This one came in a cute tub, smaller than I expected but I also used less than expected. Should I consider it concentrated? Well, I think so.

The packaging is cute and compact with a very minimalist design. As usual, it had the Soap and Glory punny sense of humor which is possibly what makes it so great for connecting us consumers.

I would wash my face of all the oils that could act as a barrier and dabbed it so it was only slightly damp. I then took a fingertip of the mask and evenly rubbed it onto my nose, out across my cheeks. I did this several times across my face. After leaving it on for fifteen minutes, I gently scrubbed it away with clean, warm water.

After using it every other day for a week, it had helped in reducing one of those annoying red spots on the tip of my nose. However, it didn’t even touch the dark pores on my nose. Highly disappointing since that’s what I had bought it for.

BUT after using it for a good month now, I can honestly say it has made my skin feel a lot fresher! My pores have started to become reduced and I’ve had less and less outbreaks since. It is slow working but it does work.

In summary, this product is slow-working and not completely effective for stubborn pores. However, it does work over long-term usage.

Warning, if you have sensitive skin, check the label and test before covering your whole face. It may tingle, but burning may be a sign of an allergic reaction. 

Soap & Glory™ Scrub Your Nose In It™ Special Pore Refining Formula

I’ll be brief because Laura talked about this in her Soap & Glory Skincare Routine. I use this every other day and it is perfect for my oily skin. It cuts through pores and helps clear my skin up.

I will buy this every time =]

Smashbox Pore Minimizing Photo Finish Primer

This primer is packaged in a pretty tube and is immediately makes the face look fresher when applying it. Well, you can apparently wear it without any foundation.

It almost feels like there’s nothing on and is very smooth to apply. Because you can’t really feel it, it is easy to apply too much or not enough.

However, putting on too much might help because you have to put a little too much on to get pore-minimizing results. With deep pores you have to put at least two coats.

It is great at keeping makeup on through sweaty activities such as walking uphill in heat. Yet, throughout the day a little might rub off, especially in ‘high traffic’ areas such as the nasolabial crease and by the nose creases.

Close up it is a little grainy but it is lovely and smooth looking at a ‘normal’ distance. It is great at hiding pores at  that distance, but again close up it still leaves pores visible.

It does what it says on the bottle: perfect for models and makeup artists for photo-shoots. I will buy it again, but won’t find it too hard to move on to another one.

Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter

This beautiful smelling and heavy tub is a lifesaver.

I have never vouched for a moisturiser of any kind, but this one is truly a miracle. I have a thing called keratosis pilaris – where I look like I have permanent goosebumps – and this was the first thing that ever lightened them up and made them feel less bumpy.

This large tub has a beautiful and subtly sweet scent with just the right consistentcy to ensure it rubs into the skin as opposed to just sitting on it. However, it does leave a little excess, but that fades pretty quickly. It’s my must have after every bath!

NYX 3c palette – conceal, correct, contour

This palette is not perfect, but certainly handy if you have stubborn skin. They have a decently silky application and a decent strength to help tackle even tough spots. However, it does wipe off way too easily when applying the skin coloured concealer or foundation.

It leaves your skin almost looking like porcelain.

I’m personally not sure if this comes in other colours, but all I know is that this palette’s contouring shades are unsuitable for my skin colour so I have refrained from using them.

I will definitely buy again, especially if there is another palette shade.

NYX Studio Finishing Powder – Translucent Finish

This is a lovely pot with a fab tub design. There is lots in there however, you’ll need all of it because it is way too easy to take too much on your brush. If you’re unaware, you will overpowder your face and give yourself a ghostly pale appearance.

The powder is definitely translucent, as it doesn’t discolour your foundation or skin – leaving you with your even skin tones! It seals all of your makeup smoothly and takes away any of that shininess. I personally have a very shiny nose and it even stays put on that!

I will definitely be buying again, especially for the price. =]

NYX Stay matte but not flat liquid foundation

I bought ivory, which I found was slightly yellow – which is perfect for my naturally yellowish pale complexion. It has a very lightweight application but rubs slightly throughout the day.

For a few hours it will stay on fine, but again the high detailed areas will crease visibly through the day. It is also a little too grainy for my liking.

Buy again? I would only use it again if I could mix it with my more reliable everyday foundation, which will smooth out the graininess but maintain the colour of the Nyx foundation.

Janina ultrawhite extra strength toothpaste

This toothpaste was the most expensive I’ve ever bought, at around £11.00.

The packaging was nice enough, considering you don’t buy toothpaste for its box. In fact, you throw out the box pretty much immediately (or is that just me?). Well, the brown – or bronze – shiny packaging makes me feel a little like my grandma.

The instructions on it are very very clear, veering away from the well known instructions we’re taught as children. It tells you to brush for three minutes and not to rinse, which is how you’re supposed to brush anyway. But who here actually knew that before?

Now for the taste: Terrible. The strong flavour made my tongue cry in terror. If I was offered food tasting like this, I’d pretty much think the gift giver was trying to kill me. Really.

However, this toothpaste isn’t prided on its flavour or prettiness. It’s known for its no-nonsense whitening skill. After the first time using it, my front teeth seemed a little bit whiter already! My teeth have also never felt cleaner. I’m no longer afraid to smile in pictures.

Yes I do advise using this in conjunction with a dentist’s whitening stuff if you want a Matthew Santoro smile. Yes you should brush as usual and yes I will buy again.

So do you agree with these reviews? What would you suggest we review for you next?

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