March Degustabox

March’s Degustabox Review (Plus DISCOUNT CODE)

Hello, food lovers! So, I received my third Degustabox and as usual, I am going to show you what the subscription box has in store and what I thought of the products.


March’s Degustabox contained:

  • Weetabix On The Go High in Protein Blueberry and Blackberry – £1.99
  • Weetabox On The Go Vanilla – £1.99
  • Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk – £1.70
  • Pipers Crisp Co Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt – ??
  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes – £1.60
  • Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter – £1.50
  • Dairy Milk Mint Oreo – £1.50
  • Whitworths Super CACAO RAW BAR – 75p
  • The Jelly Bean Factory – £2.99
  • One Pounders Chocolate Eclairs £1.00
  • Westons Cider Pure Hopped – £1.79
  • Westons Cider Caple Road – £1.79
  • Gusto Organic Lemon Energy – £1.99

OVER £20

Prices are from Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, eBay or from the brand store. Some items have been priced based on the average cost of a bulk order. Because I can’t bloody find them anywhere on the internet, there are items that haven’t been priced because, that way they are super special!


Weetabix On The Go High in Protein Blueberry and Blackberry 

Sorry but this is pretty gross… The texture and flavour are horrible. It kinda tastes artificial. You’re much better off just buying a box of Weetabix for the same price…

Weetabix On The Go Vanilla 

Although nicer than it’s protein alternative, this is rather sweet for my tastes and doesn’t feel as if it’s a healthy alternative to a breakfast smoothie or just a bowl of cereal!

Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk

Now, this is what I am talking about! Although rather expensive for a carton of chocolate milk, I really enjoy this dairy free alternative. Great for those lactose intolerant chocolate milk lovers!

Pipers Crisp Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt

Apparently, this is impossible to get from online supermarkets! So, I guess that makes it posh?! But anyway, I loved the flavour of these crisps. Made with real apple cider too, making it much less artificial tasting!

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes

We use sea salt quite regularly in our cooking so this was welcomed in our cupboard!

Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter

We haven’t tried this yet because neither Paul or I like peanut butter….

Dairy Milk Mint Oreo

However, we did eat this pretty much as soon as the box was open and it was amazing. Nuff said!

Whitworth’s Super CACAO RAW BAR

Paul is definitely into these raw bar things more than I am. But apparently, the texture and flavour weren’t that great. But it’s still a good snack if you’re attempting to be healthy/vegan!

The Jelly Bean Factory

I confess, I ate the lot on my own. It’s pretty fun trying to work out each flavour. And boy aren’t there a lot of yummy flavours!

One Pounders Chocolate Eclairs

Who needs the Dairy Milk version when you can have these? They are so moreish and utterly scrummy (despite picking them from my teeth for a good time after). Not suitable for those with braces or fillings!

Westons Cider Pure Hopped

I’m not a cider drinker so I gave this to my friend Katie who was not a fan of this flavour. It just didn’t taste like cider.

Westons Cider Caple Road

Katie did however thoroughly enjoy this natural tasting “real” cider (the words she used!). According to Katie, there is a pleasant after taste, unlike the other cider option.

Gusto Organic Lemon Energy

If you’ve ever had real lemonade, this is exactly what it tastes like. There are even little bits of lemon in the drink and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s not too overpowering or sweet. Very freshing!


Would you be interested in trying any of these items?  


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