Make Your House a Home

Five Ways to Make Your House a Home

Whenever you’re looking for properties you tend to look at size, structure and potential. But one of the main questions should be, “Can I see myself living here day to day?” and if you can, it’s going to take some bits and pieces to make it into your home. A house is just a structure. It’s what you do to it that makes it a home. It can take time but here are a few quick and easy tricks that will help you develop your space into a comfortable living area that you are happy to call your own.


Cosiness is what makes a house feel less cold and empty. Candles, blankets, cushions and rugs immediately make a room a bit warmer, especially if you have hard floors! Additionally, furniture can create a cosy atmosphere. Armchairs, warm wooden coffee tables as well as the home accessories mentioned are what will create a homely feel to your house.  Personally, I love throws on my couch so when we watch movies at night, we are all cosied up on the couch with a cup of tea and the candles burning!


As soon as we bought a rubber plant for our living room and a small cactus, I felt as if it was becoming more and more of a home. Not only do they add a bit of colour to your home, they also clear toxins, help your focus and improve mental health, providing a calming atmosphere. There are apparently many other benefits to plants but for me, I love the look of them. Plants and flowers are something I never thought would do anything to a room, until I had my very own home.


Whether is be paintings, photography or framed posters, an artwork of any sort will make your home much more personal. They make the room feel less empty, plus display a bit about your personality and likes. In my living room and dining room, Paul and I have framed travel posters of some of the places we’ve visited. See more of our downstairs here.

Think about your personal interests. If you’re a lover of London, then perhaps a skyline canvas to go above your sofa? Or if you’re a coffee addict like moi, this set of three is for you and your kitchen! Whatever it is, make sure it will suit not only your tastes but the style of your decor.


Favourite colours, family photos and personal nic-nacks are what makes your home yours. By following Pinterest trends of only white walls and marble means you are limiting your imagination. Eventually, you will get bored of other people’s designs and not focussing on what you love to be surrounded by.

For example, being a fan of Alice in Wonderland, I have Alice in Wonderland bookends that I absolutely adore! And being a lover of Old Hollywood, I have Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn framed prints in my hallway upstairs. Everywhere you look in your home you and your guests should think that it’s totally you.


It may sound silly but purchasing the little things for my house was a big deal. Getting our mirrors, clock, plants, crockery etc. were all part of building a home. The things you use on a daily basis should be the most important features of your home and be chosen by you. A kettle, for example, is going to be used a lot (well it is in my house!) and should, therefore, look good and be easy to use. And that goes for everything. You don’t want complicated gadgets and gizmos all over the place. It will make using them more of a chore than something to make your home life easier!

It’s important for you to shop around to see exactly what you want in your home and what suits you best. Practicality is damn important but so is personal aesthetic.  

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