Some of us girls grow up without a style role model. This might be because the ladies of our own family lack makeup skills. Or because of the sad fact we never had a big sister to guide us on the way. Until the birth of Youtube, girls looked to magazines where Kate Moss and other perfect-skinned models were seen to have ‘the look’. Now there’s Youtube and more down-to-Earth celebs, girls looking for a guide can find a style to suit any face.

Because I have a sister with a fab style (she says thank you whilst sat in PJs, glasses and no make up), you’re probably going, “What? She has no reason for lookspiration. She has her sister to look up to!” Well, everyone’s taste is different and you must try to suit your face shape, style and skin tones. With a rounder face, larger eyes and darker hair, my style wouldn’t suit Laura’s!

So, here is my lookspiration!


When I realised I had hella eyebrows, I had to decide how to fix them. Mila Kunis was the first person who came to mine. She has some of the most perfect sculpted-but-natural eyebrows and a face shape similar to mine. Following the rules of eyebrow sculpting, I made sure to have her in mind when shaping them.


Mykie has some of the best makeup skills I’ve ever seen. She could probably rock hand in hand with the legendary Ve Neill! She is also outspoken about makeup being an art. So I might not use all of the skills she taught me every day, but there is¬†definitely some of her in every stroke of my makeup brush.


While Mari is a gamer on Youtube rather than a makeup guru, she still taught me how to rock eyeshadow of any shade. My favourite look is one where you put eyeshadow in the outer corners of the lid and blend it inwards to create a defined but light and open look. Because no look is unique, I recently found it elsewhere. But Mari was the reason I do the look, so Mari is definitely my lookspiration for it.


Freckled Fox was the first blog I ever subscribed to. I needed a look for a fancy dress party and couldn’t think of any styles for it. While there were other sites out there to help, none made it so easy to do my hair with as little fuss. So I have been using Freckled Fox for whenever I want a great hairdo but have no idea how to do it.


You’d be a fool to forget these hair styles. While some are insanely difficult, others are beautifully simple. Heck, some even give the illusion of complexity while they are simple when taken in stages. So when I don’t want to clutter up my hair with all sorts to make a look, I go for the simplest styles on the show.

So who is your lookspiration? Any looks you do without the help of others? Share them below!

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