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Long Haul Flight Essentials (FREE CARRY ON PACKING LIST)

I’ve done a few long haul flights now and I’ve learnt a few lessons. Packing your carry-on is important as well as preparing before hand. Of course, these tips for are also helpful for shorter flights too! Having all of your flight essentials will ensure that you have a comfortable flight.


Clothing is SUPER important if you want to be comfortable on a flight. It’s no good wearing six-inch heels when you may need to run for the plane. So, here’s an idea of what you should wear:

  • A t-shirt/vest,
  • Hoody/cardigan for when it gets chilly on the plane,
  • Jeans/leggings (I never wear shorts or a skirt as it can get pretty darn cold when up in the air),
  • Comfortable trainers/ flip flops,
  • Add some accessories such as a bracelet or some rings to complete your look.

You don’t have to go so comfy that you’re wearing your pyjamas but feel self-conscious. Which is why you should try to combine stylish with comfort.

Also, If I will be landing anywhere where it will be morning (despite it being morning 8 hours ago in my head) I will bring spare underwear and a spare top to make me feel a bit fresher for when I land at the airport.


Even if my flight isn’t at 5am, I still see no great reason for wearing too much makeup. Instead, a couple of days before my flight I tend to get an eyelash tint and perm. It’s like a permanent mascara and lasts for a few weeks. I also get my nails painted with Shellac so my nails can look beautiful for my trip without the risk of it chipping. I also shower the night before so I can get up, wash, sort out my hair and then go go go.


This is one of the most important things you need to think about when flying (other than the tickets and passport of course). Your hand luggage will provide you with your entertainment and the bulk of your essentials.

  • Laptop/iPad with plenty of games and movies to keep you entertained.
  • Headphones as the airline ones aren’t always working or that great quality.
  • A book to catch up on reading.
  • Soap & Glory hand cream. It not only smells amazing but makes your hands so soft.
  • I use Aloe Vera Lip Treatment to prevent dry lips.
  • A roll-on deodorant stick as spray ones are classed as fluids.
  • Hairbrush and hair band to keep me looking reasonable.
  • Fluffy socks to stop my feet from getting chilly.

You can see more of my carry-on essentials here!


  • Book transport to the airport and make sure they come early enough so you’re not rushing when you get there.
  • Passport – obviously.
  • Flight confirmation/tickets/boarding passes.
  • Foreign and home currency so you can spend in duty-free as well as abroad
  • Make sure you know your fluid allowances!

What are you long haul essentials? 

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