Life's Too Short


We often worry too much about doing what we love. Big or small we should all consider doing something without worrying about it.


  • go to Paris for the weekend with your friends.
  • get that haircut you’ve been thinking about for a month.
  • have a coffee whilst reading a good book.
  • get those shoes which are winking at your each time you walk past.
  • say yes to the chocolate cake in the window.
  • photograph everything you see… including that cake you just said yes to.
  • tell everyone you love how much you care about them.
  • to worry about work and money.
  • watch everything on Netflix.
  • to speak your mind.
  • face your fear.
  • feel the sand between your toes and the waves splash against your legs.
  • try that lipstick everyone said wouldn’t suit you but you still love.
  • go on the roller coaster you’ve been avoiding.
  • get rained on at an open air concert.
  • cherish what life has given you.
  • watch a sunrise and the mist clear.
  • let the challenges of life make you stronger.
  • save up money for the dress you’ve been eyeing.
  • let the past ruin your future.
  • tell someone you love them.
  • get the body you want! Fitness makes your life a little longer 😉
  • enjoy the outdoors.
  • buy a bunch of flowers every week to make yourself feel better.
  • find time for yourself to sit and do NOTHING.
  • laugh and laugh hard.

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