Life After University

Life at university is so freeing and often exciting. You can do what you want when you want – like having an indoor pool party! But you have to return to reality at some point. All of your future plans begin to draw ever closer. As I’m graduating next week I thought I’d discuss life after University.

If you don’t make plans to do your Masters (or have just completed them), go into further training or have a job already lined up? You will feel lost.

You go from being a grown – but most likely immature – adult, back to living in your parents’ house. They expect you to carry yourself because you had training for that, but you have the same amount of money as you had when you left three years ago. And now you have no job!

So here are my tips for leavers who are graduating this year or next.


This is the first and most important step. It is also the most daunting. Where do you want to be in five, ten and fifteen years? Will a Master’s degree be needed for your dream job or experience in a certain area?

Ask all of the questions you can think of. They will have to be tackled at some point and there’s no better time than now. At least once it’s all asked, the answers will come slowly. You don’t want to be blindsided.

The best thing you can do is research at this point. Take down numbers, emails and maybe even addresses of companies or contacts. They’ll come handy in the future.


Everyone should have a dream. Call that your long-term goal. Your short-term goal should be something small such as trying to keep your socks in pairs this year etc.

Have several small ones and only one or two big ones. Write them down and think of a plan of how you’re going to achieve them.


Whether you’ve moved in with parents or with friends, you have to make sure you have everything in place. Mess causes stress and stress leads to a very very bad employee. No one will hire you if you already look like you’re going to headbutt someone.

It will also help your organisation. Once everything is where you want it, it will halve the time taken to try to find that paperwork you’ll need.


When I say this, I mean everything. You should ensure your bank has your address and that you have a GP surgery. You wouldn’t want your next debit card going to a random student or to run out of a prescription without a doctor to run to.

Just make sure you are known at your new address. It’s best to do the bank first so you can use any statements to help register at the GP.


It’s a given that you’re going to have to find a way to pay rent. Get your CVs written up for your various different goals. Each should be different. You should have one for an internship or training, one for your everyday job and maybe even one for your dream job.

Once they’re made and the best you can make it, email your CV’s to their respective places.

Your job search should be the most fun part. With a degree the world’s your oyster.

Have I missed anything you think should be here? What do you wish you had known before you left university? Good luck to all of you graduating this year! 

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