Let's Get Seksy

Let’s Get Seksy

Summer isn’t quite over just yet! And while we transition ourselves into the autumn months, fashion and accessories lovers don’t need to let go of the warmer weather… Or at least let go of our favourite summer accessories. House of Watches and Seksy have got you covered for a watch that is perfect year round and won’t make you despair that Summer is almost over.



I’ve always been a fan of Seksy. In 2010 I received a Sekonda Seksy watch for Christmas from my father-in-law and I loved it. It was simple and elegant (my favourite combination!) and I wore it daily for two years.

However, the watch style was a tricky one. It became too loose when I lost weight and was too tight when a link was removed. You can see the dilemma. Sadly, I couldn’t wear it anymore without it bashing against the desk or being too tight.

But when House of Watches sent me this gorgeous, deep purple watch with a leather strap, I knew I had found a watch that was perfect year-round. The joy of purple is that it is colourful enough for the summer but has a warm tone for autumn, making it timeless (excuse the pun). Also, it is much easier to adjust to my wrist size making it both beautiful and comfortable.

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