How to Make Your Kitchen Instagram Worthy

How to Make Your Kitchen Instagram Worthy

I don’t agree that you should design your life or home around social media or your blog. You should do things because YOU LOVE IT! But if you’re like me when I was moving home and you’re planning on redesigning our kitchen, you’ve probably been looking for inspiration. And two of the best places for that is Instagram and Pinterest. There you will see designs from all over the world which are gorgeous, stylish and well looked after. They probably make you feel as if yours is a little on the boring side…

All the designs that you’ve seen are smart, stylish, and wonderfully sophisticated. Although your kitchen may be is well designed and decorated, it doesn’t seem to be quite as Instagrammable as the ones you’ve just flicked through, but you can’t put your finger on why that is. 

Want to make your cooking area more Instagram-worthy? And not just so you can share them online and be happy with your Instagram content… But so you can look at your kitchen and never envy those accounts again. To do this you need to do is make a few small and simple changes. 


If you take a look at photos shared on Instagram, they tend capture minimalist spaces. To do this it’s important to remove any clutter from your kitchen. Spend a few hours going through everything that is in there and getting rid of anything that you no longer want. For anything that you choose to keep, find suitable storage solutions so that you can store it out of sight and keep everything tidy and organised. 

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To make your kitchen not only Instagrammable but much more homely it’s important to get the lighting just right. No one likes a dark, dreary room, which is why it’s so important to have suitable lighting. If you like to control how bright the lighting is throughout your home, consider installing a dimmer switch. You could also opt to brighten up your home with a range of strip lights – these look great placed under cupboards and cabinets. If you’re looking to reflect more natural light into your space, consider adding a carefully-positioned mirror to your kitchen.


When it comes to the decor in your kitchen, it’s crucial that it is on trend. The best way to update the decor in your kitchen is to use accessories as they can easily be changed and replaced. By using accessories to update the look of your kitchen, you can make it a smarter and more stylish space, and somewhere that is more Instagrammable. The more stylish your kitchen is, the better, so using accessories to update the decor on a regular basis is crucial. My kitchen’s accessories mainly consist of cream, Swan appliances and items. 


There’s something about having pot plants and fresh flowers in any area of your home that adds a sense of sophistication. So if you don’t already have pot plants and fresh flowers in your kitchen, now is the time to invest in some! The best plants are green leafy ferns, orchids, and cactuses. I have orchids on my window sill which automatically give life my kitchen window. Just make sure that all plants and flowers are positioned on shelves and surfaces that are out of reach of pets or little ones. 

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So there you have it, everything that you need to know to create a more Instagrammable kitchen. Take note of the tips above, and you can give your kitchen the most amazing update.

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