Kitchen Design Inspiration

Kitchen Design Inspiration

What is the perfect kitchen? Well, Instagram has always made me think it’s marble worktops, white cupboards and hanging lights. But of course, the idea of having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen isn’t always the ideal solution for your home and lifestyle. I have picked up a few images from Pinterest of different styles of kitchen, their decor and tips on choosing the right bit and pieces for this particular room. Click on images to see full image.






This is possibly one of the more popular and traditional combos when it comes to kitchens. Beautiful, simple and bright it makes the kitchen feel bigger. They are also very adaptable to change. For example, you can change colour schemes of appliances without need to change anything else! However, if you prefer a moodier atmosphere, perhaps have a darker wood. Be aware that you’ll probably have to clean the cabinets a bit more as they will show up dirt quicker than darker tones!


A popular material in homes lately has been white marble. It’s a natural room brightener, easy to clean and is sturdy. However, it is a more expensive material to have in the kitchen. Also, if you’re a baking fan you’ll be happy to know that marble doesn’t conduct heat very well so it stays cool. Unfortunately, it is a softer material so is easily scratched.


Pastel tones help create a homely atmosphere and give the illusion of a larger space. It also adds a spot of colour to the room. It’s a very Cath Kidston type of decor and perfect for country style homes.


Cream, like white, can go with many colour schemes. It is also warmer than your standard white cupboards, making it feel more homely. As with white cabinets, cream does show dirt, drips and scuffs!


If basic tones aren’t you’re thing, why not add a spot of colour to your kitchen? You can do this with bright cupboards or splash backs! These designs bring the room to life and are definitely a more unique way of decorating.


Lighting in kitchens can often be an afterthought. One of the best lighting designs, for me, are ceiling lights. Although there are also wall lights and downlighters for me, ceiling lamps are a favourite (despite me not having them myself). The hanging lamps seem to have such a quirkiness to them. They become a part of the room as a design feature. There are so many different styles that you can be spoilt for choice. However, if you’re rather tall, you will have to be careful not to keep bashing your head on them! Also, be aware of the shape and layout of the kitchen. Ceiling lamps can be very focused with their light and don’t give much coverage.


Wood? Tiles? Lino? These are all options to you and your kitchen. Things to consider:

  • Traffic – How often will you be using that kitchen? This will affect the cleanliness of your floor and how often it will require mopping/washing
  • Texture – If you have children or elderly relatives in the house, you may need something with a bit of grip to it. Ensure the texture isn’t too slippery as to avoid falls.
  • Colour – Again, this will affect how often you will need to clean the floors.
  • Heat – Stone floors will be a lot colder than wooden or laminate flooring, so be aware of that if you’re not a fan of slippers!

What is your ideal kitchen? How would you design it and with what schemes and materials would you use?

None of these images belong to me and are the property of the respective copyright owner. If you wish for me to credit you directly or remove an image, please contact me. Featured image by Kaboompics.
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