Keeping Yourself Motivated


I know many of you fellow bloggers will have experienced the dreaded writer’s block. It’s something we all go through and I feel your pain. I can literally go weeks without writing any posts (thank goodness for scheduling huh?). During this time I sit there staring at my blog thinking, “I need to do something.”

After having this experience a few times I have discovered a few things that can be useful to your blog, as well as mine, that will both keep things fresh and perhaps inspire you to create future content as well as keep yourself active in the blogosphere.

GET INSPIRATION FROM BLOGLOVIN’ – When I need some inspiration I have a look through Bloglovin’ and write down any post ideas that pop into my head as I see discover other blogs.

SCHEDULE YOUR HOOTSUITE – If I can’t think of any new posts to share I schedule Tweets and Facebook updates to drive traffic to older posts.

TIDY UP & UPDATE YOUR BLOG –  Had the same About Me for the past year? Still got that same old sidebar? Remove those old widgets, delete those dead links and update anything you feel could do with a little makeover.

CHAT WITH FELLOW BLOGGERS – I find these chats great! They’re insightful, fun and inspiring. You find new blogs to follow and it’s wonderful. A blog chat timetable can be found here.  Find the Twitter accounts that run the chats, follow them and answer their questions and most of all, have fun!

IMPROVE SEO – Have you got Yoast SEO? If not, install it and complete as many SEO keywords as possible. Go through your MEDIA and give titles to the images that are relevant to what you think people will search.

SOCIALISE – Find blogs to follow, follow people on Twitter, get pinning on Pinterest and find Facebook pages to like. Get your blog out there simply by connecting with others.

These are just a few ways to keep you on top of your blog and can often create inspiration to write. What do you do when you have writer’s block and need to stay motivated?

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