How to Keep Fit and Healthy on Holiday

Keeping Fit and Healthy on Holiday

If you like to keep fit going on holiday can often feel like a speed bump in your healthy lifestyle. You go away to enjoy yourself and that could involve eating ice-cream, having a beer or three and sometimes craving a burger. The same goes for me (without the beer).


So if you are going on holiday and you want to keep fit but eat those fries too, here are a few little tips:

  • Get up early and run along the beach and back. Or if there is a running track nearby have a jog around that.  If you get Nike+ trainers like mine, you can sync your trainers to the Nike+ app. This way you can track your progress to your iPhone.
  • Book a hotel with a gym or find a local gym nearby. We contact hotels and ask if they allow non-guests to visit their fitness centres and see what deal they can give us on cost.
  • Download a workout video for your iPad/laptop so you can work out in your room.
  • Go swimming each day. If you’re in a hotel with a pool or there’s one nearby take an hour out of your day to cool off and exercise at the same time.
  • Have only one naughty meal a day and no snacking in between. This way you are keeping a balance and still able to eat some goodies! Have salads, fruits and drink plenty of water.


I bring my running gear with me on holiday as it encourages me to work out each morning before the day ahead. It allows me to eat some unhealthy food but not feel as bad about it.

What you have to remember is that you are on holiday, not a boot camp (unless it’s a boot camp holiday) so don’t over do it. This is time for you to relax from your usual routine and let your body and mind rest. You can always get back on the smoothies and soups when you get home.

Getting some new gym clothes can also make you want to exercise. Although some of the items I use were purchased at an outlet store, you can be certain that Nike products will be perfect for your workout. Their trainers offer support and push you to go further and their running clothes are comfortable so you cannot go wrong. Let me know if you have any fitness wear that you recommend!

How do you keep fit on holiday? Or do you just have two weeks of entire relaxation?

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