Keeping Fit & Healthy in Summer

Keeping Fit & Healthy in the Summer

When the sun is out and the air is humid, the last thing you want to do is work out. I know from experience. But for those who want to keep fit and healthy in the summer months, there are more ways to do it than to join an air conditioned gym (although this is highly recommended!)


Get up nice and early when the sun isn’t at its peak heat (about 6.30am).  The evenings still may be a little humid and uncomfortable. Take a bottle of water and you have then got your workout out of the way and you won’t get too hot!


Getting 30-day challenge apps such as the 30 Day Fitness Challenges (£1.99) means you can work out from the comfort of your own home and still get a little bit of a sweat. I’ve used this little freebie in the past.

Apps are a great workout tool because you can literally take it everywhere. There are also workout videos online for whilst you’re travelling.


In the summer it’s so easy to get carried away with pub lunches, pints and Pimms! If you’re invited to lots of BBQs and you are feeling a little bit like a piggy yourself have a look for the salad and have some chicken. Switch the cans of alcohol for fruit juices or flavoured water.


Such a good source of exercise and it keep you cool (bonus!) It’s not expensive and you don’t have to do it every day. With swimming, you work out all of your muscles – arms, legs and core meaning you burn off calories quicker.

A few simple things which can go a long way! If you have any summer fitness tips, let me know. 

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