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Keeping it Cool with Chilly’s Bottles

Being someone who detests warm bottled water I have to say I was really looking forward to giving Chilly’s Bottles a try. The clue is in the name with this one as Chilly’s have designed their bottles to keep water cold for up to 24 hours. So I put it to the challenge!



As I just mentioned, Chilly’s Bottles have been created to act like a fridge to your water, keeping it cold for 24 hours – whatever the weather.

The bottles have been designed to ensure they suit every lifestyle, which is why they come in different colours, textures (matte or shiny) and sizes (260ml, 500ml and 750ml).

I chose the silver 500ml to review but if you fancy one in matte green or a smaller size, then that’s an option too!



The bottle arrived in a thick, cardboard cylinder with the brands name boldy placed along the side of the packaging as well as a few words about the product and social media handles.

The bottle comes with a tag labelling its key features as well as the only instruction of “Rinse before use. Wash in soapy water.” Other than that everything else was pretty simple! Nothing too fancy or complicated.


After rinsing out the bottle and giving it a good clean, I filled it with cold water at about 10pm), ready for a day in London the following morning. As I put the lid on quite a bit of water did squeeze out over it due to it actually being more of a bottle stopper than your average bottle lid, making it leak proof. So, if you decide to get one, don’t fill it up all the way!

I popped the bottle in my bag ready to head to head to the city and the in the morning off we went, water still as cold as the day before.

I kept the bottle in my bag for the majority of the day with no leaks or condensation. The water remained cold until the evening when all my water had gone, however I am certain it would’ve still been cold for a few more hours.



This is definitely the type of bottle you need when you’re going on hikes, picnics or into the city (especially in the summer months). It’s perfect for all situations because in no situation do you want warm water, I mean come on, it’s gross.

Obviously this is not the kind of thing you can use at the gym but you can get one for those longer days to pop in your handbag for on the way to work, or even fill it up with coffee to keep you warm in the evenings.

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