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How To Keep Your Instagram Personal But Looking Awesome

Ever find that Instagram is full of images that just don’t seem real? Yeah, me too. Who really poses that way in the bath?! Realistically, I just don’t find these images very personal or real. And I like real. People have said to me that they never notice when I take my Instagram photos because I do it so quickly.

That can be a good or bad thing. But to me, why spend ages on a photo (for unpaid Instagram posts) when it’s not real.

You could say what is real? Well, for me a real Instagram post is the moment captured as it is. Not posed, aligned and arranged. Because in all honesty, I want to drink my coffee, eat my food and continue my journey. However, whilst I like actually living in the moment I am snapping, I don’t like taking too long to do it. Hence why I take the photo as quickly as possible.

I bloody love taking photos of anything and everything. I am no expert. But I know I enjoy it. What I hate is forcing photos. I also hate seeing forced photos. One hundred pictures of the perfectly placed cake, the right pose for others to approve of. It’s bollocks. Instagram (despite its non-instant algorithm) has the name as images should be instant. Caught in the moment.

And I get why bloggers take a lot of time to produce incredible photos. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to create beauty. But I see a lot of influencers complaining about the pressure, so the best thing is to remove the pressure and just take quality photos as it is with less preparation. And brands should also support this more. It creates a false sense of reality which can be expensive, hard work and lead to low self-esteem.

Moving on…


Stop obsessing over how you can make your photos like someone else’s. It’s been done. It’s time to do you. Because I’m pretty damn sure you’re an interesting enough person that you have your own opinions and interests! And if you don’t think so, well someone is bound to think so. Have some faith in yourself ladies!

So, to get your pictures personal all you have to do is take photographs of what you are doing, your life and your interests. For example, if you’re lazing in bed all day photograph that and let the actual image do the talking.

It’s all about positioning and editing after all! Here’s an example from my feed.


My goal is to finish this by tonight so I can return it to @meganmonroes mumma 😂

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I didn’t have to do anything other than take the photo!

The same principal goes for outfit shots etc. You don’t have to overdo it. Of course, the bloggers who have a photographer handy and happen to be in New York carrying a gorgeous Chanel handbag can sport wonderful poses. But some of us don’t feel comfortable standing on a zebra crossing as taxis wait to pass. So, this will have to do!

Latte and Love and Star Wars leggings #ootd 🙌🏼 @hm

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I like being nosey and seeing what people enjoy other than bubble baths and Moet. I mean, who doesn’t love that?! But still, I want to know what music you like! Where you have been, who your celebrity crushes are. Don’t be afraid to show who you are!


Realistically, any photo can look good when you have taken it in natural light and have good editing skills (this takes practice but it’s fun to try different themes and filters).

You can see how I edit my photos (as of April 2017) here!


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Overall, you shouldn’t need to try too hard when it comes to Instagram. It’s good to keep things personal, as followers invest in people – not just aesthetics. It can be done. But then people with 56k followers often do try. But is that what it’s about? The followers? Or is it about trying super hard at taking a good image of your shoes for the sake of the approval of strangers in Uzbekistan and Hull?

Of course, do whatever makes you happy. But if you’re feeling the pressure, move away from being this type of person…

…and be a bit more like this:

Need another one of these ☀️😅

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Looks very “Instagrammable” right? Well, it took me all of two seconds to take. No need for ten minutes of planning angles checking the backdrop. I wanted to be basic but as quickly as possible so I could drink my damn Frappuccino.

Do things for you, take away the pressure of being so perfect for the sake of some likes. Get personal, be you and don’t fake it. 

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