Job Interview Hints & Tips

Job Interview Hints & Tips

Going for a job interview is possibly one of the scariest moments any human being (who decides to seek employment) has to face. And the reason for that is because you are being compared to others, you are being judged on who you are, what you have been and what you want to be.

There are a few ways you can impress the employers and show that you are right for the job. You just need to make it easy on yourself.


Once you have been asked to attend the interview there are a few things you must to do:

  • Read up on the company who is employing you – You never know if they are going to ask what you know about the company. They may also ask why you want the job, with some background knowledge you can show off your facts.

Example:  “As your company has been an growing establishment since 1989, coming from a small one man business to a £4 million organisation, I want to be a part of that growth. I know I can develop my skills as you have developed the skills of your 200 staff in London alone.  I want to become part of that expanding family.”

  • Understand your role – Once you know the types of jobs you will be doing, you will be able to talk about your skills that are suitable for that role.Example: The role of a marketing assistant has always appealed to me as I am a very creative and outgoing person. This means I will bring new and exciting ideas to develop the company’s already impressive profile.”
  • Practice answering the most common interview questions
    See here.
  • Choose what to wear – This is tricky as many people say you should dress for the role you are going for. So if you’re going for a job as a gym instructor, you should wear gym clothes… My personal opinion is, always dress smart.However, should you be going for a job that requires you to have knowledge in a certain brand then you should wear the brand.Example:  Going for a job at Zara? Then wear the latest trend from the Zara range. A job as a fashion journalist? Make sure you you keep up with the latest trends and wear those.
  • Less is more – As a woman I know how easy it is to get carried away with make up. And both genders are equally as guilty with hair and smelly products.Girls, keep the foundation and blusher to a minimum. Wear a toned down lipstick and not too heavy eye make up. Don’t go dying your hair a garish colour days before the interview, keep yourself tidy and subtle. And fellas, don’t go OTT with the hair gel and aftershave.
  • Plan – Set alarms, plan train times, bring a notepad, write down questions you may have. The more organised you are, the better you will look to your potential employers.
  • Bring essentials – Make up, tissues, a bottle of water, pens, a notepad, phone charger, the company telephone number, transport times, hair brush, mints and deodorant.


  • Greetings – Here are some basics on greeting the interviewer/s:
    • Shake hands
    • Introduce yourself
    • Ask names (f they don’t tell you beforehand)
    • Say it’s nice to meet them
    • Smile
    •  Make eye contact
  • Control your body language –  This is harder than it sounds here’s what you have to do:
    • Keep smiling
    • Keep eye contact
    • If your hands are shaking, clasp them together
    • Keep feet firmly on the ground. None of this leg shaking business.
    • Have good posture, no slouching!
    • Nodding
  • Keep using positive language – Try an avoid words like “never” and “do not”. Replace them with the alternative.
  • Ask questions – This one is pretty difficult as most people feel like if they are asking a question, this could make you look as if you don’t know much. Wrong. This shows that you are interested. Here are some questions you should ask:
  • What do you look for in a candidate? – this allows them to see your body language and response to what they look for in staff.
  • What have you enjoyed about working here? – this question gives them the opportunity to discuss the nature of the role and what comes with it. This will help you in your decision on whether to take the job, should it be offered to you.
  • What do you feel is the priority of the team? – They should be impressed by this question as it makes them see how you’re already dedicated in getting the job done.
  • If offered the position, how closely would I be working with management? – This will demonstrate your interest in moving up in the business and learning from those who have been


As the interview comes to a close ensure that you are keeping a professional and calm persona. Don’t rush to get up and leave the room. Slowly rise from your chair, once the interviewer has stood, shake their hand and thank them for their time and say that it was a pleasure to meet them. Say you look forward to hearing from them and calmly exit.

I hope this has been on some help to you, let me know if you have any other hints. 

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