JF Rabbit Review

Our JF Rabbit Veg Water Review

We currently live in a society where we are terrified of sugar and have major concerns over what is in our food. I am one of those people who definitely thinks about what I put in my body. But in all honesty, it doesn’t bother me too much. This is because I know I live an overall healthy lifestyle. But is it enough? The team behind JF Rabbit, don’t think so and want to change how we see sugar in our diet.


Most of us look at Diet Coke and see a healthier alternative. But in reality, we know it’s actually not much better than having a full-fat Coke. More often than not, we have no idea about the ingredients that go into our sugary drinks.

And we all know that water is the healthiest drink you can have. Considering most of your body is made from the stuff then of course, it’s the preferred option. However, water can get a little tedious after the third or fourth glass and doesn’t leave you feeling satisfied. Which is why naturally flavoured water is a preference for those who get bored easily, like me. It’s still healthy and contains some flavour. So, where do JF Rabbit come into this?


I won’t lie, the term, “Veg water,” doesn’t appeal to me all that much. I’m more of a fruity person because fruit gives a natural sweetness. Whereas, when I think of vegetables I think of earthy flavours. So, Amy and I were intrigued to try these healthy alternatives.


I love cucumber, it certainly gives a refreshing taste to water. Especially when chilled. It really makes you feel healthier just for drinking it.

Cucumber contains a mineral called silica which helps to keep your muscle tissue healthy. So, although you may think of cucumber as just a watery type of veg, it does have its benefits! Not only that, but it’s really good for your skin due to the vitamin B-5 it contains. The antioxidants also help prevent and delay certain diseases.

Thoughts: Although I do love cucumber water, a part of me feels as if I could’ve just made this at home. Cucumber and water is all you need and you can get both of those for next to nothing. I just felt like there needed to be something else to make it stand out. Perhaps lemon to make it more… refreshing?


Ginger can be a little overpowering. And this is because it contains certain molecules which are similar to those within chillis. That is why it is used as a spice in cooking. This spiciness can be beneficial to weight loss as it helps increase your metabolism and burns calories. In addition, ginger is said to help prevent cancer, help IBS and morning sickness!

Thoughts: I couldn’t drink a whole bottle! Although the flavour isn’t OOT it does still create a slight tingle at the back of the throat which may cause a little burn after a few mouthfuls. I did mix it with the cucumber water but still felt that perhaps some lemon juice would’ve given it a little sweetness with a touch of sour.


And when they say earthy, they mean it.

Beetroot is great for your liver and beetroot water is perfect for a liver cleanse. It releases the toxins in your body giving you the perfect detox.

Thoughts: This was our least favourite drink. Although I am a big fan of beetroot, I much prefer it in salads. We didn’t drink much if we’re honest!


I agree with JF Rabbit’s message. We should definitely try and cut out chemicals and reduce to sugar content in what we consume. I am all for the mission of JF Rabbit. But I feel like there is definitely something missing from each of the flavours. I preferred it when I mixed all three together. Still, it needed some mint in there.

I understand there is a simplicity to the drinks, but if it’s so simple, surely you can make it yourself for less than a pound? Still, if you don’t have time to infuse the flavours, then this is a great on-the-go option.

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