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With Jackie hitting our screens, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some admiration for the woman and her style. I’m combining my new Woman Crush Wednesday posts with my Vintage Style Icons series.

Now, I know many people will wonder why I like Jackie Kennedy when I am a fan of Marilyn Monroe. I would like to point out that there is no reliable historical evidence which suggests the two were fighting over Jackie’s husband, John F. Kennedy.  I have a massive amount of love and respect for JFK and Jackie for what they stood for, their kindness and concern for the wellbeing of America. Yes, JFK did have many affairs and treated his wife with so much disrespect by doing so. However, I believe he made a huge difference before he was assassinated. But moving onto Jackie!


A young Jacqueline Bouvier, shown with her mother Janet Lee Bouvier in 1935, wins third prize in the family class at the East Hampton Horse Show on New York’s Long Island. (AP Photo)

Jacqueline Bouvier was born on 28th July 1929 in  New York. Her parents were Wall Street stockbroker John Vernou Bouvier III and socialite Janet Norton Lee. They lived a privileged lifestyle, spending the majority of Jackie’s childhood in Manhattan. They also spent a lot of time at Lasata, the Bouviers’ country estate in East Hampton, Long Island.

Jackie had a lifelong passion for horse riding from an early age. She also took ballet lessons, was an avid reader and excelled at speaking French, which was emphasised in her upbringing. Jackie, although a part of the upper class, was motivated to be more than just a housewife. She was proactive, smart and witty, which is probably what attracted the future President of the United States to her.


Originally, she was reluctant when JFK proposed to her. She had been working for a newspaper and was ambitious to continue doing so. However, she eventually decided to resign and marry. Jackie Kennedy then became an icon to many in both her work and fashion.

Oleg Cassini was Jackie’s personal stylist from 1960, designing a wardrobe specifically for the First Lady. And it was one that became iconic around the world.

Jackie Kennedy was very often seen wearing skirt suits, sleeveless A-line dresses, above-the-elbow gloves, low-heeled pumps and hats. This was dubbed as the ‘Jackie’ look. It rapidly became a fashion trend in the Western world. Commercial manufacturers and young women copied her style more than any other First Lady.


After JFK’s assassination and upon leaving the White House, Jackie’s style underwent a major change. Her new look consisted primarily of wide-leg pantsuits, gypsy skirts and silk head scarves. She also set the trend for her famous large, round, dark sunglasses.

Jackie Kennedy became accustomed to wearing bold colours and patterns. She also began wearing jeans in public. Beltless white jeans with a black turtleneck, never tucked in but always pulled down over her hips was another one of her trendsetting styles.


To me, Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of grace and sophistication. Slightly naughty as a child, Jackie showed that she wasn’t afraid to be different amongst her peers. Her style showed women they were able to feel beautiful with practical fashions without requiring too many jewels or accessories. This made her style available to everyone.

Both her White House and post-JFK, Jackie Onassis styles were wonderfully simplistic yet bold.

Source – Wikipedia

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