Inspired VS Copying

We’re all aware that copying is unimaginative and wrong to do but there are ways you can take a post you like and make it all about you. I want to be clear that I’m not saying for you to find a blog post and copy it’s structure or anything like that. What I am trying to do is help you build on your motivation to blog by using what is around you.. See a post you like on a fellow blogger’s page and want to do something similar? Follow these steps:


What is it you like about the post? Is it the photos? The topic? The text?  With a little imagination you can integrate your own personality into these factors. Use your favourite items, colours and brands in photos. Find fonts to snazz up your graphics, new angles to photograph and cool props to add into your snaps. Use personal experiences and ideas for a twist on the content and make sure you’re honest. Using the same layout, photo locations, opinions etc. is not cool.


Liking an opinion or a ‘Top 10’ post? Do your own but talk about it from your own point of view. Don’t copy the words or ideals from someone else. You have your own likes and dislikes and the world wants to see them (or should want to!)


Look at the best parts of a variety of similar blog posts and integrate them (following the other advice I have just given). Are there 4 posts from different blogs that you’re a fan of such as favourite films, books, music and TV shows, why not make a whole post dedicated to all of your favourite things? You could also do it the other way round.


It’s safe to say the internet is full of posts and articles which are similar to one another so don’t be scared that you’re also showing off this month’s favourite fashion trends when everyone else is doing so. Again, own it.


Brainstorm some new ways of showing off your thoughts, opinions and advice. If a blog has created a video of how to do a hair style, why not show off your favourite hair style with a photo step by step.


You can post something that is inspired by another blog but it shouldn’t be at the exact same time. Unless it’s about a current issue, event or trend don’t feel pressured to get your post out the day after your inspiration did.


Have a post that is directly connected to someone else’s post? Credit them saying that you were inspired to do something similar and thank them for it.

It’s important to know that your blog is personal and it show the best parts of you. It’s a space for you to be imaginative so use what is around you but make it yours. 

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