How to Increase Inspiration

How to Increase Inspiration

As a marketing manager, I know how hard it can be to have inspiration. It’s even harder trying to get inspired by things that will get your target audience interested in what you’re promoting. For example, lately, I have been very inspired to write. This could be about what I think about the latest world issues or some advice I want to offer. But even at my most inspired moments, I feel as if my ideas could’ve just been put in the bin due to lack of response or views.

Of course, there is no way I would write posts that are simply there to get views. That’s silly! I’m not here for that. I’m here to talk about life, what it means to live in the moment and to express feelings as and when possible. But often to be inspired to write such things can be easier said that done.


What inspires me most are conversations I have with people. I could be giving the same piece of advice over and over or having a debate and then think, I should write this.  And if you’re anything like me, Google is a friend. So whenever I need advice, I look for when someone has asked for it before. I want to become an answer in Google.

Beauty posts tend to stem from products I have bought or enjoyed and feel may be of use to people that may not have discovered it yet. Obviously, these reviews are of my own opinion. The same goes for when I rattle on about a good movie or album I’ve been listening to but having those everyday items in my life are a good source of inspiration.

Inspiration can also come from other people’s actions. Learning from other people’s mistakes as well as your own can allow you to talk about ways of avoiding that issue. Human nature has a wonderful way of helping you when you have writer’s block!

Whenever I’m stuck for ideas on blog posts I also look at Bloglovin and see what people are discussing. I then write down notes on how I can create something similar with my own take on things. Copying is a big no-no as it’s been done before and doesn’t require as much effort. But doing something that is inspired from another is different. You can create something deeper.

See here for ways to keep yourself motivated.


If you have other hobbies other than blogging then gathering inspiration can stem from various places.

The most popular source for this I feel is Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to view all types of photography which inspire millions of people with their  own photographs, baking , art and even wedding planning (not a hobby exactly but you know what I mean!) Seeing what others can achieve creates a spark that makes you want to be able to do the same and that’s a wonderful feeling.

Another helpful option is enjoying the fresh air and the outdoors, going for a walk and exercise. These are great ways of moving closer to what you are aspiring to create. Don’t think sitting there staring at the canvas is going to give you ideas of what to paint, because it won’t. The blue sky, the waving grass and the wind on your skin are what produces beauty and creativity.


Work is definitely one the hardest places to get inspiration as many jobs are at set times of the day (mainly 9-5 for full-time workers). The difficulty is some people get inspired at 11pm which is no good when you left the office 6 hours ago.

If you are working in an office and you have to write a letter or brochure or anything like that, then give yourself some time to relax. Pop out and make a coffee, step outside for some air, put in your earphones and listen to music. Then write ideas down. Write anything that comes to your head (even the impossible) and see what happens. The more fun you make it, the most likely you will become inspired. This is a little trick I picked up doing my Open University degree and it works wonders!


  • Have brainstorming sessions
  • See what other people are doing (see my post on Inspired VS Copying)
  • Start off with the basics and ideas will come
  • Don’t hunt for inspiration too much, it will come to you

How do you become inspired?

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