Five Ways To Improve Anxiety and Depression

Five Ways To Improve Anxiety and Depression

Having anxiety and depression is often looked over as not being a real mental illness. But it is. As someone who suffers from both, I know how much it can take over my life. And it’s often over nothing. That’s the worst thing. Hopelessness. Not having a way to fix the feeling of being lost, empty and constantly frustrated. But there are ways you can improve it.


Serotonin is basically a happiness chemical in your body. Those with depression tend to have lower serotonin levels. This can be found in cheese, eggs, pineapple and turkey. When I tested out a vegan diet, I found that my depression and anxiety crept back into my life in a big way. Which is why I decided to get back on the dairy and egg diet.

Serotonin is decreased by low light also. In winter, try improving your light conditions and cut back on the coffee, as this also lowers serotonin.


There are several free apps and YouTube videos that are relaxing and help guide you trough breathing techniques. Meditation is a great way to disconnect and calm your thoughts.

Meditation isn’t all, “Ommmmm,” and incense sticks. It really is about controlling your thoughts and calming them. There are different types of meditative classes and techniques. Find something for you.


This is one of the hardest to do when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. But you can do it! Drag your ass out of bed and go for a walk. Or even better, get to the gym. Exercise increases endorphins, helping you to elevate your mood.


If it all gets too much, it’s sometimes best to go to a Doctor. There is absolutely no shame in seeing someone. They may suggest therapy or even medication. Do what you feel comfortable with. I had always believed that taking medication to control my feelings was a negative. But it isn’t. You haven’t failed. You just need that boost.


Keep a mood diary. Note down how you feel and what you did that day so you can work out what might be making you feel this way. Sometimes writing your thoughts down can be the best release of emotions.

I hope these five tips will help improve your state of mind and help you battle through with what is a mental illness that is looked over. You can do this! You are not alone. There are a tonne of ways that can help improve your state of mind. These may not be right for you, but don’t stop searching for what is. 

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  • Reply Helene January 29, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    These are really great tips! Personally, i like to right down anything i have in my mind when i am feeling down. In the end, after reading my notes 1-2 times i can easily understand what causes my anxiety.
    Helene /

    • Reply Laura January 30, 2017 at 5:27 pm

      Thank you for your comment Helene! I hope the tips help 🙂 xx

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