The Importance of Travel for Students

University is a Journey

As Freshers settle into their new university digs, I want to write a post reminding you the importance of student travel and public transportation. Aberystwyth’s main reason was ‘The Hill’ but that’s not a problem all students deal with. So here are a few reasons why university students should definitely consider taking a bus, train, coach or taxi while getting their degrees.


Big cities like London and Manchester all seem overwhelming for Freshers arriving from far and wide. It is why I found most would travel in large groups of friends. I spent my whole first year with my housemates. But when you aren’t part of the same societies or classes, you’ll have to take several journeys on your own.

Of course, that’s where public transport becomes extremely important. As a Fresher, you won’t know where is the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ areas of town are. Buses are all well-lit and some even have CCTV! You can travel in relative safety around a strange city as you learn your way around. From the window, you’ll be able to see where’s the most well-lit streets with the most people.


Guess which students get the most drunk at University? Yes, it’s the Freshers! And who are the most vulnerable? Freshers. They are young, new to the area and far from the safety of the family home. Not to mention, University is usually the first time they go on a proper pub crawl. Fresher’s don’t know about the river the third years have nicknamed ‘Deathtrap’.

People mostly talk about drink driving, car crashes and many more car-based trauma. However, there are many dangers in any city or university town. Looking out for ditches and rivers isn’t most people’s priority when drunk. If you are a Fresher, you won’t even know the danger is there while sober.

You are less likely to go wandering into woodland, parks or go swimming if you are on the bus or in a taxi.


Hangovers, illnesses or injuries can prevent you from getting to your seminar. But what if this week’s one is on the book you’re planning on writing your essay on?

Hopping onto the bus will get you to your class on with and without making your problems worse.


Students aren’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. They spend three weeks eating meat and buying nice clothes until they have to rely on the cheap stuff. But most/all have to use computers. Many students take their laptops and iPads to lectures to save paper, write notes faster or just to play Solitaire.

Similarly to the other sections, it’s safer to take your laptop on public transportation, especially if you are going back to halls after a long night in the library.

However, it’s also easier to take your laptop and books on the bus because of the weight. I knew plenty of students with large, heavy books that they’d definitely hate to carry all of the way back to halls.


University is the excuse to move across the country to find yourself independence. It’s the way you can make new friends and have a completely different way of life. As nice as having mum and dad around to buy your monthly shop or do your laundry, it’s not in the spirit of going to university.

The further you go the more you will need to rely on public transport. Few people will drop their lives to drive six hours away.


Money is a big deal for all of us, students, or not. For most students, we rely on loans and bursaries to survive. Some students also invest with brokers such as Glenmore Investments. But no matter where our money is saved, what it is invested in, we have to choose our spending priorities carefully. It’s the difference between eating tins of ten pence tins of soup or a slap-up steak dinner.

So why would you want to pay for public transport? Walking’s free and is exercise. Well, there are lots of deals if you know where to look! Stagecoach has Unirider, an offer which allows a student to pay once a year for as many journeys as they like!

You can party all the way up to 3am and still hop on the bus to get safely back to halls without having to worry about all of that money you spend on your kebab.

So far, it’s in many cities across England and Scotland. If you ride enough, it pays for itself! You see? Student travel doesn’t need to be expensive.

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  • Reply Yani October 15, 2016 at 2:27 am

    I can totally relate with just taking my laptop to class just to play Solitaire! P.S. I am in love with your blog!

    • Reply Amy October 15, 2016 at 2:46 pm

      Ha ha! I always took my iPad to play some game or another. My favourites were the games like High School Story and Stardom. And thank you, we’re glad you like it! 😀 x

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