Starting Your Day Right

How To Start Your Day Right

Waking up in a bad mood is definitely not a choice. But we can try and make it a little better by starting the day right and by right I mean, let’s make today bloody awesome!

Right okay, so you’re awake and you’re not really feeling It. Why does It have a capital ‘i’? Because It is something super important if you want to get shizz done. It is the spark that motivates us and says, “Hey gurl, time to get up and take this day on.” When It’s not there all you have is the desire to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day (there’s no career path in that, I checked).

So, how do we wake It up when she is all nestled up watching her latest TV show in bed?


Rise and shine sleepy head, it’s 7am and you’ve got a day to start. Getting up early has many benefits which you can see over —-> here.


Not the usual morning waker-upper but drinking water will wake your brain up from it’s slumber, hydrate you and kick start your mind before your body. Remember, water first coffee afterwards.


Yaha, you knew it didn’t you? Breakfast time! After your water it’s time to get your energy levels soaring. A smoothie, muesli and a cup of coffee will do the trick.


Once breakfast has settled down in that belly your energy levels will start to increase. Put that energy to good use and do a 20 minute workout session at the gym.


You’re all sweaty and stinky and It doesn’t like that too much. Have a shower to wash away the grub and get refreshed. May I suggest using the Soap & Glory skincare range to make you feel beautifully pampered?


Get yo’ winged eyeliner game on, thicken up those lashes and dress to kill. You’re a lady on a mission with motivation, get up and go and most importantly, IT.

The start of your day can really effect the way the rest of it pans out. So get an early night, have a good rest and waking up early will be easy. 

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  • Reply Amelia Littlejohn December 15, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Fab tips. I always have a cup of warm lemon water to start the day – I feel rubbish if I don’t!

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health & Lifestyle Blogger

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