How to Have a Productive Week

How to Have a Productive Week

As the weekend comes to an end and Monday approaches, we all start to get the Sunday blues. But Sundays are the best day to sculpt how the next week will turn out. It’s time to bbe productive about your productivity.


Work, blogging or life in general, setting goals for the week ahead will build the foundation of your productive week.

Pick three things you want to achieve this week. This could be something as simple as scheduling blog posts, going to the gym each day or getting an assignment complete. It will not only help you get shit done that you may usually put off but it also gives a feeling of accomplishment.


Using my kikki.K planner I keep track of personal deadlines, to-do lists and appointments. Lists, notes and diaries are what keeps everything on track and allows you to plan out your week. For work, I use Asana. This assists me in prioritising my work day without combining it into my personal to-do lists.

When planning meals, workouts and other personal goals, I use my Wellness Planner (this also includes a calendar). Organising what you eat, when you’re going to go to the gym will help you manage your time more effectively.


To be productive, you’ve got to be organised. Without organising yourself you will be all over the place trying to do too much at once, which really won’t get you anywhere. Follow the tips I give in this post to become more organised and productivity will follow!


When you’re meant to be getting stuff done and you’re procrastinating like crazy it’s a good idea to, y’know, stop. There are 5 major things you need to stop when you’re at work which, when put into practice will help you concentrate. Once you’re focussed more tasks will be crossed off that to-do list of yours!


Waking up feeling ‘meh’ will not drive much motivation to grow your productivity levels. By starting your day right you’ll settle down to your tasks with ease, confidence and inspiration.

I hope this has inspired you to have a great Monday and week henceforth. Make Sunday something you’d appreciate by Friday. 

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  • Reply Jess April 3, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    I love a good to-do list! Definitely helps me get more done with my days, and it’s so satisfying ticking things off 🙂 I actually love Monday mornings because I get to sit down and plan out the week ahead 🙂

    Jess xo

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