How to Have a Great Night Out

How to Have a Great Night Out

Although I admit I am not the most sociable and outgoing person (I no longer drink or go to pubs and clubs), back in my younger years I had my fair share of ‘social’ experiences. With that in mind, there are a few lessons learnt so I thought I’d share my wisdom on how to have a great night out.


Where are you going? What type of night out are you looking for? Clubs or pubs? These are the first things to consider! Other planning requirements include:

  • Date – Is it a Bank Holiday? Will the bars be closing early? Are there football matches or major events on?
  • Location – Wanting a city location for your night out? Then you need to look at which areas of that city you’re going for. Is it tricky to get from one location to the other?
  • Numbers – How many of you will be going? If it’s a large group you may have to plan reservations at restaurants and perhaps even some bars.
  • Transportation – How are you all getting there? Be sure you know when the last train is, enough for a cab home or a designated driver.
  • Accommodation – Don’t want to have to try stumbling home? Book a hotel! Do it in advance as city bookings get snapped up pretty quickly.
  • The Morning After – Be sure you don’t have plans for the next day! A day in bed will be the key to recovery.

So now you’ve planned where you’re going, who you’re going with, made your reservations and have everything organised, what’s next?


You may have seen my post for finding the right party dress a while back. So, you need to look into whether you are going for a dress, trouser suit, short shorts… But a few things to think about:

  • Weather – Are sandals and a strappy dress going to be any good walking from bar to bar when the forecast says rain? If it’s going to be hot, hot, hot then perhaps leather look leggings aren’t going to be the most comfortable!
  • Dress codes – Some places can be a little picky on what you’re wearing e.g. no jeans. So be sure to think about that!
  • Foot pain – Be sure you’ve broken in your shoes before you head out! Nothing worse than limping around with bleeding feet… It’s not very glamourous.


To make your life easier when you return home (or to the hotel room) slightly tipsy, be prepared:

  • Make up remover – Have your make up wipes out and ready for you to wipe off your make up. Also have your toner and moisturiser ready to use.
  • Keeping hydrated – Have a bottle of water on your bedside so you don’t wake up dehydrated with a dry mouth.
  • Sick bucket – Just in case… Put a bowl next to your bed in case you forget when you get home.
  • PJs at the ready – You will be tempted to fall into bed when you’re home so leave some PJs ready so you can slip into them as soon as you’re back.
  • Eat throughout the day – The phrase goes, “Eating is cheating,” but a lined stomach before a night of drinking is the safest bet to not throwing up before the night has even begun!


To ensure a good night out, be sure you’re well prepared. With a secure handbag (with a proper latch to ensure no naughty people grab anything valuable) you can have exactly what you need!

  • Cash and Bank Card –  Hide emergency cash in a zip pocket if there is one.
  • Phone – Don’t waste the battery on embarrassing photos and Snapchat. Keep it in case of an emergency.
  • I.D. – You never know when the nice doorman might ask.
  • Plasters – In case you ignored my shoe advice, be sure to bring some emergency band-aids.
  • Chewing Gum – You don’t want to go out for dinner and then start burping up whatever you ate.


Sometimes a night out can get over dramatic. People will be sick, cry and argue because they’ve drank too much or something has gone wrong. Here are a few ways to make sure that doesn’t happen:

  • Drink Water – In between each alcoholic drink (if you’re drinking) have a pint of water to keep you hydrated and well paced.
  • Don’t Mix Alcoholic Drinks – Cocktails can be lethal based on their mixtures of alcohol, pretty colours and fruity tastes. Try and stick to one drink and avoid the shots.
  • Avoid Conflict – If tension is building, take responsibility by ensuring your group heads outside, gets some air, calms down and steps away from the drink.
  • Keep Together – Don’t split up otherwise people get lost, panic and arguments can occur.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Drink (alcoholic or not) – There are some dodgy people out there who may try to spike your drink. Avoid this happening by keeping your drink close at all times. If you’re not sure, get a new drink.
  • Don’t Get Minicabs – Use Uber or licensed cabs to get you home or to your next stop. Unlicensed mini cabs can result in danger. Safety is paramount.


Your night out has been awesome. You’re home but not feeling one-hundred percent. What do you do?

  • Eat Something – Avoid the temptation of  a kebab or a takeaway curry. Get home, make some toast and have a tea or – even better – a glass of water.
  • Take Makeup Off and Contacts Out – You’ve got your stuff ready to take your face off and remove contact lenses (if you wear them). No one wants to see their face on their pillow and have sore eyes!
  • Brush Your Teeth – A night of sugary drinks can not only be bad for your teeth, but bad for your breath.
  • Sleep – Clean face, clean teeth, in PJs and ready for bed. Be sure the room isn’t too hot so you don’t wake up with an awful headache.
  • In The Morning – You may not feel too great right now… And that’s okay. Have a drink of water, a coffee (caffeine is said to be a good hangover cure), some toast and a couple of painkillers. Stay in bed and laze about. Trying to do anything the day after drinking and dancing will not do you any favours!

NOTE: Cooking while drunk is a big no-no. If you can’t keep your eyes open or attention on the stove, do not go near it.


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