How to Give Your Eyes Emphasis

How to Give Your Eyes Emphasis

Ever since I got into makeup I’ve been looking for an eye-shadow style to suit me. For girls  whose eyes are their favourite feature, making sure they are not hidden is the main objective – emphasis is. It’s the reason why I try to make my eyeliner thin (and fail) because it frames the eye and still allows it to keep its character.


You should use any colour without fear of being seen as outlandish – even if you are. You get the best of both worlds, pretending to be normal while enjoying fun colours.

I often opt for blue because most of my clothes are. When I want to be professional, I wear a bronze or a colour closer to neutral. This is different for everyone because we each have our own style and skin tone. Experimentation is key with any makeup, so go crazy and try all of the colours.

You generally need one to two colours to create the best basic effect: neutral and the colour of choice. But with a large palette you can even use a white on the inner corner or two outer colours. Any more than that and you risk losing the effect.


Once you know how much shadow to use and what brush blending is much easier. I usually use a domed smudger brush from Urban Beauty United. I’m not sure if it’s called the same thing elsewhere! This brush allows me soft yet precise colour application, making even my clumsy hands able to do this.


  1. Clean and prime your eyelid, however, you usually do.
  2. Swipe the neutral base eye-shadow across your eyelid with a broad shadow brush.
  3. Once that’s done, take your domed smudger and dip it in #1 colour.
  4. Press the #1 colour gently against the outer corner of your eye and drag in across the crease.
  5. Without adding more #1 colour, blend it inwards lightly.
  6. Clean off the brush and add more neutral to the middle and inner corner. This should clean it up.
  7. If the outer corner has lost its depth, dip the brush into #1 colour again and just dab it lightly to the outside.

These are just the basic instructions of how to apply it. To add more depth, you can add another colour simply by blending a darker one in on top. If doing this, keep closer to the outer corner than with first colour.

So this is my favourite eye-shadow style! What’re yours? What can you advise for eyes of a different shape or skin tone? 

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