How to Get Freebies and Samples

How to Get Freebies and Samples

“How to get freebies” is probably one of the many things bloggers research when they start blogging. Which I guess is why I chose the title (hello SEO!). And there’s no shame in wanting to get some sort of compensation or creating a variety in content by reviewing products. But there are definitely ways to go about it.

Let’s start off by pointing out:

  1. Not all bloggers want freebies.
  2. Nothing in this life is free. You get the product and you have to work to promote it effectively.
  3. Your blog won’t last long if that’s all you want to get out of it.

Now that’s out of the way, we can continue…


  • Bombarding brands with emails – “Hi I’m Laura, I’m a blogger. Can you send me free things?” Nope! You have to work on how you are going to email these brands. What can you offer them in return for goods?
  • Tweeting brands – This is going to sound mean.  You’ve Tweeted a brand saying you love their stuff but why should they care? They are already making money so giving away freebies to anyone with less than 12k Twitter followers will not benefit them. Especially when you do it to a lot of brands. Spread it out a little.
  • Targeting huge names – Let’s be honest, unless you have a huge viewership Chanel aren’t going to be sending you handbags anytime soon. Designer brands focus primarily on large, full-time bloggers who provide consistently high-quality content and images.


  • Make your blog awesome – DUH! Time to get a professional theme, awesome content, great photos and build up your brand as a blogger. Get on that social media and boost your following. More blog tips can be found here!
  • Create a media kit – Media kits are like a blogger CV. You can read more about it here which includes a free template!
  • Work on your pitch – Pretend you’re applying for a job. Attach a copy of your media kit and introduce yourself. Explain why you love the brand and how, if they have any campaigns in the near future, that you would be happy to be a part of it.
  • Subtle tweeting – Shared some love for the brand already? Share your post tagging them in it!
  • Join campaign websites 
  • Be realistic – You will be ignored and rejected. That’s how the game goes but just because you’re a blogger doesn’t mean you’re entitled. There are bloggers who have been doing this for a long time who have put a lot of hard work and effort into this. You are one of many that have caught on to blogger influence. Stand out and make yourself look awesome to the companies you love!


  • Once you’ve received your blogger mail, thank the company online, perhaps with a sneak preview?
  • It’s hard work but you have to promote the shit out of that product. Instagram, Twitter, blog, Facebook, Snapchat – the works. And remember to mention the company so they know you’ve put work into it.
  • Contact the company once you’ve posted about it. I admit I suck at this one. I do all of the posting, tagging, mentioning and whatnot but I always forget to send the final link to the brand. The downfalls of scheduling posts!

There you go! If you’re after samples, blog campaigns and “freebies” then this is how I personally go about it. No one likes a beggar! Show dignity, work hard and you will be rewarded.

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