How To Get a Better Night's Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep

It seems insomnia is being more and more common. And all it can start with is a bad night’s sleep. There are a few simple changes that may be able to assist your predicament.

  • Set a bedtime – Yes you may feel like your 10 again but a routine is key.
  • Move your phone away from the bed – It’s a huge reason why so many of us stay up later than we should. It’s a distraction from sleep.
  • Have a bubble bath – some candles and the lights out will help you unwind.
  • Cut the caffeine – Don’t drink any coffee or energy drinks after lunch as the caffeine may still be in your system forcing you awake.
  • Keep it cool – Make sure you room is at a decent temperature before you go to bed otherwise you’ll be fussing all night trying to cool down or get warm.
  • Keep saying “sleep” – As I am falling asleep I repeat the word “sleep” in my head. It doesn’t take me long to nod off. It’s kind of like a weird hypnotism. Alternatively, you can download hypnosis apps on your phone and listen to that before bed.
  • Read a book – Reading before bed will relax you.
  • Deep breaths – Listen to some soothing moving and take deep breaths.
  • Have a wake up call – Make sure you get up the same time every day.
  • Workout – Exercising in the morning will make you feel tired later on in the day.
  • Nap – If you need to nap, keep it short otherwise you’ll be too awake at night.

If these methods aren’t working and you’re still not sleeping, see your doctor.

Have you been able to recover from bad sleep? What methods do you use?

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